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The Ring Coursework

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How does the director create an effective opening to 'The Ring'? Originally, 'The Ring' was a novel written by Koji Suzuki and later adapted to a Japanese film by Hideo Nakata. Four years later (2002), the movie was re-told by Gore Verbinski, starring Naomi Watts (Rachel Keller), and Martin Henderson (Noah Clay). Audiences can anticipate thrilling moments directing to blood or death. Suspense gradually builds up during the opening of the movie in order to keep the viewers on their toes. Twists could be included as convention of horrors because it keeps the audience guessing. Horror films should aim to get their audiences frightened, revolted and possibly even fascinated. Introducing the movie, the very first thing we can hear is the sound of rain (non-diagetic sound) - which is a significant sign of danger. Audiences will notice that when rain is heard or seen, danger follows. This is helps create an effective opening for 'The Ring', as it gets the atmosphere ready for the audience. Interestingly, the 'D' from the 'Dreamworks' banner forms into a black and white ring signifying the movie name and also the very first image on the videotape. ...read more.


Timing was an essential aspect of Verbinski's opening to 'The Ring'. He creates an effective opening by setting up quite a calm scene until Becca mentions the videotape. Straight after Katie's made a joke of it, the relaxed scene is introduced back into the scene, contrasting the tense atmosphere before. Just when viewers think that nothing's going to happen, the phone rings. This automatically adds drama to the beginning of the film by gradually adding to the tense atmosphere. Once Becca has finished scaring Katie with phone- once more, Katie goes into the kitchen. What's interesting about this particular event is that the camera focuses on Becca- even though she's making her way upstairs. Perhaps this is a clue telling the audience that something's going to happen to her. Once again, the camera freeze frames on where Becca had been standing, just after Katie shuts the refrigerator door- in other words; Katie opens the refrigerator, hiding Becca and then she shuts the door leaving nothing. As if Becca had just vanished into thin air- this moment gives the audience a big clue as to what's going to happen to Becca. ...read more.


Another symbol is the ladder from the videotape, I think that it could represent the stairs in Katie' house, as we do not know what's going to happen- fear of the unknown. One more sign that I noticed was the mirror; when Katie's mum rang, there was a mirror, in the hallway, next to her in which we could only see Katie. A few minutes later, when Katie discovered the water outside her bedroom, she looked deep into the water, reflecting her face (just like a mirror) and died later on. The woman from the videotape was shown jumping off a cliff- but that was after we were shown her looking into the mirror. I thought that this was quite effective as viewers realize these subtle symbols later on, which fascinates them. In my opinion, the opening for 'The Ring' is extremely effective because Gore Verbinski has taken into consideration each and every aspect of the movie: script, camera angles camera shots, colours, symbols and sound effects. I found his methods successful as the movie built up suspense in the first five minutes. He approached the tense moments very differently as in some films directors would cut to the chase; however Verbinski inserts drama and thrills very slowly which I found was effective. ...read more.

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