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The Ring of Light

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By Jordan Neenan English Coursework :Original Writing The Ring of Light A well-built young man stood in the doorway of a small thatched cottage, 'Has anyone seen Wilfred? Mum?' His mother was a plump woman with dark hair and blue eyes. She was sitting in a large armchair reading a book entitled 'Does the Ring of Light Really Exist?' 'No, sorry Danny dear, I haven't been out today. I'm not feeling too good, maybe your father has.' 'Mum why do you read such nonsense? ' Asked Danny. 'Its not nonsense dear, I'm just...' 'Expanding your mind, yes I know, you say that about every book you read but you know I'm right.' Danny said this in a frustrated tone but his mother didn't seem to be listening, so he walked back out of the door. Now in the light you could see Danny was a tall handsome young man, long dark hair the same as his mothers in a ponytail and the most brilliant green eyes you could ever imagine, he had a broad-sword hanging from his waist, a quiver of arrows on his back and a bow in his hand. 'Father.' He yelled, 'Yeh?' came a reply from a rather large barn stood on the edge of a field. 'Have you seen Wilfred?' He asked, 'No, and why don't ya stop wastin' time with that stupid hoarse and help me for once, there are a million jobs that need doin' and you ain't doin' none of 'em.' By the time he had finished the sentence Danny was already half way across the field heading to the forest. He eventually arrived back at the barn where he found Wilfred grazing quite merrily beside the barn; Danny was just about to lose his temper when he noticed a large plume of smoke rising from the cottage. He ran, but half way there he could see two bodies next to each other burning, red flesh clinging onto charred black bones. ...read more.


Then next was Danny's turn, he spun his hands and a thin sprinkle of gold dust appeared hanging in the air, then from the middle of the dust a dark blue started to spread, in and out of the gold it wove itself and then to finish his opening a great purple flash seemed to swallow the blue and gold up in an instant, the crowd stood silent in awe, not knowing what to do for they were so amazed that a man who has been training for just a few months had been able to defeat a magician that had been learning the arts for the whole of his life. Bogswash stormed out of the Great Hall, he had never been beaten in a duel but now to be beaten by an amateur was very embarrassing for him and he could not stand this. The Queen flew up to Danny, 'He'll get over it, and well done to you, you are well on your way. You shall leave in three days, you shall get an escort to the Dark Fortress but you are on your own from then on, good luck, you shall not see me again, well not until you beat him.' She said with a smile and left. Over the next three days Danny felt more and more nervous as the time came nearer when he had to leave. When the time did eventually come three guards came and took Danny to the stables for him to get his hoarse, but they did not stop at the turn to Wilfred's stable, instead they kept on going, Danny tried to tell them but they wouldn't listen so he just followed them. After about five minutes of walking past hundreds of beautiful and well bred horses they came to the Royal Families own horses, each one perfectly marked and perfectly behaved, but they only stopped at the very last stable, this one was different, it had a normal entrance but when you looked ...read more.


The fairies were all male, carrying armour and swords bigger than themselves but they still carried them with ease Danny turned to the girl again and asked her name, 'I am Saphia.' She said. 'We must go Saffia; the fairies might not be able to hold them off, where would you say we should go? 'To the generals quarters, we shall make him tell us how to find the Prince of Darkness.' 'Then we shall go, lead the way.' Danny said, already following the girl. He didn't know whether to trust her and follow her or to creep away quietly and go his own way. He eventually came to the conclusion that whatever he did would be his destiny so it didn't matter; he stayed with the girl, hoping it would be a good decision. They walked through countless hallways, all looking exactly the same but it seemed as if Saphia knew where she was going. They eventually reached a stairway, it didn't seem to have an end, well Danny couldn't see it if there was one. He knew it was going to be a hard climb because it seemed that it went on for at least a mile before disappearing into darkness, but he followed Saffia and within a few minutes she stopped and opened a door That Danny couldn't see, 'Huh?' he said confused. 'You can't see it because your mind won't let you,' she explained, 'it is a trick to confuse intruders, this is the only way to the top floor.' 'But there's more than two floors, I saw it from the air.' He said, 'Another trick, as we were walking through the hallways we were going up, there is a very slight slope, it seemed we were walking along flat ground. We couldn't see out of the windows because they were too high so we couldn't see the ground.' 'Very clever but why not use stairs?' Danny asked ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Writing to Inform, Explain and Describe section.

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