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The ripped.

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The ripped My name is Inspector Abeline I was the leading investigator on the Jack the Ripper case, it all started in the dirty and cramped slums of London, yes, you guessed it Whitechapel. The prime of England's filth and corruption the only happy tenants of Whitechapel were pimps, prostitutes and publicans. This district of London was crawling with crime and most of all prostitues well until the months of curiosity and fear hit London's slums. A blanket of evil and corruption swept over Whitechapel and blinded all in its path, ANY PROSTITUTE fearless enough to subject herself to danger was quickly mutilated by unknown evil. I cannot give too many details because of police regulations but i can tell you what i felt and saw in the worst months of my life. My partner and i were put on a new case, a murder case in Whitechapel, George and I went to the first murder scene to investigate and look for clues. When I first arrived I could not believe what I saw, a woman with a deep incision to her throat the cut was from front to back was this what killed her I didn't know until an autopsy was done. ...read more.


Her throat had been ripped open yet again but her abdomen had been ripped open and certain organs had been removed, the killer had to have anatomical knowledge. What did he want with a womans organs i do not know but i do know he had chosen prostitutes for his victims. George and I were trying to come up with a list of suspects but it was very hard indeed. It could have been any rich, educated male, it was definately a male because of the brute strength used unless there was another killer which was doubtfull because two of them were more likely to be seen. But even so how does this brutal killer travel from the murder scene unoticed as if never there? These were the questions confusing my theories. A letter was sent to the newspaper and was then sent on to me, the letter contained details of past murders and the ones yet to come but i believed it to be a hoax as we had stacks of confessions and letters. ...read more.


The fifth murder was unusual, she was Mary Kelly a prostitute like the others but she was killed in her own room, this suggested a meeting and a journey to her room, but still no-one saw anything. This murder was so brutal the body was beyond all recognition. Her face had been hacked away at like a piece of meat, her breasts had been removed and flesh from the right thigh had been removed right from down to the bone. Abdomen ripped open and internal organs removed the intestines had been emptied over the bed and organs were placed on the bedside table. One of the organs removed was the heart and it was never found if I could put the picture of her body in your mind I would to show you how brutal this killer was. We never did catch the killer but his memories will live on and hopefully one day justice will be done and then the women who suffered so much can finally rest in peace. ...read more.

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