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The river of thoughts collides and crashes against the rocks of feelings in her mind

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The river of thoughts collides and crashes against the rocks of feelings in her mind. Almost as rapid as her thoughts is the blood, which is now travelling faster due to higher blood pressure. The supply of energy to her cells has doubled, therefore adrenaline supplies also double. These series of actions all lead up to a life or death situation. This prepares the sniper to kill, or to save. The question is, can the person in question deal with this? Can she handle the adrenaline? The sniper must be a person who must be so calm and sophisticated that she knows; what she is doing, when she is doing it, how she is doing it, what the target is doing, how the target is doing it, what the target is thinking of doing and what the target will do. The sniper is not a person who can pull a trigger on a sniper rifle when need be, but she must be able to know how and when to use it. But past this finesse is the fact that the sniper is a tool for inflicting pain and damage upon citizens, possibly death. Some may say a "killing machine". Therefore the million-dollar question is, can the person in question prepared to carry out this brutal act of murder? ...read more.


The words "get used to it" seemed to echo in her thought and memory bombarded brain. The actual armour was jet black and padded very carefully. It was soft against her hands. The stitched finish between each pad was impressive. It was hard to believe that this would save her life one day. Then she put on her strap with holders, one for her sidearm and several others. Then she put on her navy blue baggy pants and jacket. She tried to remember what she needed to take while still trying to bury the memories of her past. She packed her night vision goggles that looked like something out of a Star Wars movie and halted to marvel at the two green round emeralds, which were her goggles. She looked up and saw her colleagues almost ready. Everything slowed down again and she stopped to ogle at Officer Paul Ceriman. She smiled and then a fantasy of them sitting at a candle lit dinner filled her psyche. The passion that she felt for this man was overwhelming and she almost always had to b pinched to break the unintentional hypnotism of Paul. Just then, the memory of her father cropped up again and she returned to the world. She swiftly packed all of her equipment like a thief and then proceeded to the armoury. ...read more.


The radio again blabbered at her. He had now fixed her head microphone and no longer needed the radio and put it down on the floor to her right. She placed her right eye on the eyepiece of the sniper rifle and glimpsed at the room where the apparent target was. She saw the target. He was a middle-aged large man of far eastern features. He wore a cyan and white chequered shirt, black corduroy trousers and black polished shoes. He was armed with a silver double barrel shotgun that was relatively old. He swung it around at the three scared and handcuffed hostages very carelessly as if it were both a weapon and a pointing object. Then the order came, to neutralise the target. But she sat there, withdrew from the eyepiece, looked up and looked in the eyepiece again. Again, the leading office told her to take the shot. Time slowed down and almost ground to a halt. The river of thoughts and memories crashed and collided with the rocks of feelings that were in her head. Memories of her past, and the feelings from the past came into play. Fantasy and feelings for the possible future left her mesmerised. Adrenaline flowed through the cells in her body. She then returned to normal time and breathed in deeply. There was a sudden inadvertent movement in her right index finger. She had pulled the trigger. ?? ?? ?? ?? Towhid Imam 10LC ...read more.

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