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The Robbery

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Introduction: Two completely different characters meet up through an extra ordinary circumstance and become business partners in the most extreme job. A life of crime always pays in many ways. It pays if you get caught because you get an education any way and if not caught you get millions of Rand if you are a successful bank robber. Crime has escalated during the last few years due to the hardship of life and how easy it is to rob. A master chef and a cheap shoe salesman try their luck at robbing a bank. Felipe Lockhart a master chef, has been bankrupt for a the last year while Fredrick Kane needs to meet his wife's standards or risks loosing her. ...read more.


You are so cheap no wonder you went bankrupt! Fred: Hey, look who's talking! You don't exactly have much money yourself! We both need the money and I got some extra expenses to pay back so we must use what we got. What are you going to do while I pretend to have a gun? Lets just go through it again. (Looking out at every person passing by) Fellipe: I am going to go behind the counter and get the keys for the vault. Then open it while you are still in the bank keeping everyone calm. Then I shall give the signal for you to come help me but what if they see you with no gun... ...read more.


When I pull the plug we go! And don't go all fagoty on me when we get the money. I have a wife I don't need another one! (Walking towards the bank) Fellipe: What if they lock... (Just outside the door) Fred: ...Stop worrying they will notice something is wrong! We got to look normal and unsuspicious. (The have stopped and are looking inside) Fellipe: (Police siren sounds again) Damn, They are approaching us! Look they have stopped by our car! What we going to do? Who did you do? I am going home! This is impossible! (Policeman steps out of a cop car) Fred: Shut up you fool! We just parked in a loading zone, that's all, just one parking ticket. Don't make a scene. (Fred and Felipe start walking into the bank) ...read more.

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