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the robery

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The robbery The ancient bricks stacked in a pile on the side of the dark, damp and lonely pavement, which no one ever set their eyes on. It was an enormous house, made of large white bricks. The pile of white bricks must have been placed there neatly, as though someone was to observe them in detail. In the state of Texas, there sat three men, in a black Mercedes, as they have been doing every dark night. They observe something rather huge, surrounded with a gold fencing approximately ten feet high, with over ten surveillance cameras watching who goes in and who comes out of the mansion. This was their daily routine; something that they must do in order to fulfill was what they needed to do. There was silence on Dursley road; a terrorizing sound was coming form a distance in the mansion. An immense bloodcurdling dog stood with sharp teeth, sharp claws, wide eyes, it looked as if it hadn't eaten in ages. The dog was with a tall man, he was wearing a long black blazer; they looked as if they were exiting the mansion. The strange looking man had his head down, with a walking stick, which hardly touched the floor and a shining bracelet hanging down from his palm of his hand, reaching for his fingers. ...read more.


Whilst walking away from the car Phil was very insecure about the plan. He got the key out of Dan's hands and he threw it on the floor. Later did he realize that he was only going through with this plan for revenge. Seventeenth of January was the day when the cruel, sinister man broke Phil's marriage. There was only a week left for the marriage, when Maria left Phil for William. Phil knew deep down that she had made the right choice, as he always wanted to see Maria happy. Maria got married and Phil was left alone. Jasper went to pick up the keys so he could give it to Dan. Dan went up to the mansions gate and opened it at a sluggish pace, they all went into the front garden of the mansion, as they had no worry about the surveillance camera, this was because they had been observing the house for day and they overheard William talking to the CCTV company to switch the camera off. Dan and Jasper started to make their way towards the basement door. The basement door had a chain on it, so they broke the chain with a hammer which was in the car. The heavy, weighted iron chain surrounded the 4 corners of the basement door. Phil stayed in the car for fear that William and Maria may come back home early. ...read more.


Phil had told William and Maria everything. Maria was upset with Dan as she thought that they had patched up their differences. Dan tried to escape but he knew that police was surround every corner of the mansion. Dan had the gun in his hand, he pulled the trigger and he was ready to fire the bullets out of the gun, one by one. He shot out two bullets, one after the other, one of the bullets hit Phil and the other hit William. William died a slow and painful death and Phil he was just injured in his left arm. The gun then fell out of his hands. Dan purposely missed Maria, not because she was his sister, he missed her because he wanted her to suffer, by making he live on her own, without any one there to love and care for her. He did the same thing that she did to him. He has experienced a horrendous past life and was not willing to listening to anyone. Once her parents died no one was there to look after Dan it was only Maria and she left him to get married. Dan then himself surrendered to the police, and confessed to the innocent lives that he had killed. Dan was not sent to prison but he was sent to a mental home, with security surrounding him, since he was a man of a mind with deadly deeds and with unexpected surprises. ?? ?? ?? ?? Kirandeep Jaswal ...read more.

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