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The Rock Festival Experience - Descriptive Writing

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G.C.S.E English Coursework "The Rock Festival Experience" Descriptive Writing "Good morning listeners! This is your favourite radio station, Power FM and today there is going to be a rock festival at Testwood School, yes, I did say Testwood School! It starts at 11am. Better hurry!!" I looked at my alarm clock and jumped out of bed. I had thirty-five minutes to get dressed, take a shower, get hold of credit for my mobile, meet up with my friends and talk my mum into lending me (or giving me) twenty pounds. I ran into the bathroom and put the shower on, I undressed quickly and leaped into the steaming shower. I heard some bloodcurdling screams of pain. It took about fifteen minutes for my brain to realise that those screams were my own. I had put the water on too hot. I instantly grabbed for the handle and pushed it in the direction of cold water. The water went freezing cold after about ten seconds and after that I started to wash myself. I scurried into my bedroom after my shower. I grabbed some new Levi jeans off my cold radiator, and put them on speedily. After I had them on, I glanced into my wardrobe and took a blue shirt and tossed it onto my unmade bed. I then splattered my self with some new Armani aftershave. ...read more.


They saw me and began to walk over. Our little party began to get money and our tickets together, after we had organised everything we stomped over to the queue. A woman dressed in a stylish black and yellow suit came over to us; she had a pair of mock seventy's sunglasses on and everything. She removed her glasses from her eyes and placed them nicely on her perfectly moulded hair. The chic lady said in a show-business way, "You, you and definitely not you. Y'all do. Come with me dahlings!" It was Eve, Charlie and myself who were chosen. We all followed the women gingerly. "Don't worry, be happy!!" after her little joyful message we began to walk with more confidence. Not much confidence, but with confidence. We walked past a huge poster saying: Modjo Coldplay Destiny's Child Sisqo Gabrielle Britney Spears All Saints AND THE GUESTS OF HONOUR Robbie Williams And Kylie Minogue We all stared at it flabbergasted. I wondered in my mind, are we meeting them? I looked about the school, how different it looked with refreshment stalls everywhere, policemen walking about with dogs, people being moved on, and long queues for the toilets. I went to catch up with Eve and Charlie. We followed the bizarre woman into the head teacher's office. I felt very nervous again; maybe it was something to do with going into the head teacher's office for the first time. ...read more.


It had gusts of fire coming from these amazing Roman-like fire holders. Imogen continued to walk, she quietly stepped over to use and whispered in a proud voice, "I know it so full of elegance and flair, just wait to the show dahling!" We all followed her thinking "just like you, dahling!!" we pushed and shoved through the crowds until we got to the front row, I stood there for about, well the atmosphere was so amazing I lost track of the time. Then a security guard came up to the group and told us that we had to put our costumes on and that we have nine minutes. Eve asked in a confused voice, "We have nine minutes for what?" He simply pointed to the stage. Five minutes later Robbie Williams and Kylie ran onto the stage. Everybody screamed, anybody who wasn't there would of thought Beckham had scored the winning goal! The next thing I knew I was being pushed onto the stage by some six-foot bodybuilding bouncer. Imogen was backstage screaming like a witch, "Dance, sing, jump. Groove to the music dahlings!" we were doing all of that in front of everybody of Totton and everybody watching on the TV. The song finished and we danced and grooved off the stage. Backstage there were Jake and David. "Were doing Britney Spears!!" They said. This was an experience I would not forget. I have been asked to do it next year. Excellent! By Paul Archer ...read more.

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