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The role and function on Inspector Goole in an inspector calls

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The role and function on Inspector Goole in an inspector calls Priestley uses the inspector to get the Birling family to admit that their ways are wrong. Priestley is trying to say that the society divide of the social classes is wrong and that we shouldn't do it and everyone should be treated the same. The play is about a girl named Eva Smith/Daisy Renton who has died from drinking some disinfectant. Inspector Goole comes round to the house and gets the Birling family to admit to doing something wrong which could have driven her to her death. Priestley makes Inspector Goole use language that has force and the Inspector manipulates the characters to get them to confess their ways. John Boynton Priestley was born before the First World War, so he saw how society was divided into the bourgeoisie and the poor working class. He also lived through the First World War. Through these years he saw how the divide in society disappears. During world war one, Priestley survived the front lines in Flanders. He began writing plays in the 1930's. He died on the fourteenth of august 1984. Priestley's play was staged in1945, but he set it in 1912 because he didn't want people to go back to the old ways because of what they had learnt from the war had brought them all together as one society. ...read more.


He says this slowly so it seems he's scaring the family. After this the inspector is talking to Sheila, he gets straight to the point about Eva Smith working at milwards. Then after he explains to Sheila a bit about her working there, he goes straight into the direct questions he then twists the story so that Sheila admits her part of the story he does this by talking about her losing her job and saying that a customer had complained, at this point he shows Sheila the photograph. Later in the play when the inspector says the name "Daisy Renton" Gerald instantly reacts to the name by saying "what", this means that maybe Gerald has something to he has been hiding from Sheila and the rest of the family. In act two the inspector has become nastier. He puts Mr Birling in his place when Mr Birling says "now look here inspector", the inspector totally cuts him off by saying "he must wait his turn" then the inspector turns to Mrs Birling and carries on having a conversation. After this he becomes really nasty about Eva Smith/Daisy Renton. He starts to become harsher. He seems to talk about the girl as if she's not real and doesn't matter. Through out the play the audience can tell the inspector's mood by the tone of his voice. ...read more.


Then suddenly near the end of the play the phone rings and it turns out to be the police saying that and police inspector is coming round to ask some questions about a girl who has just died from drinking some disinfectant. Everyone is really shocked because they can't believe it. Everyone is trying to work out if the inspector was a ghost or not, or if they have just seen into the future. Finally I'm going to talk about the audience response. After the inspector's final speech, Eric and Sheila will admit their ways to forget it. As they slowly work out that the inspector isn't a real police officer the guilt is lifted off Mr and Mrs Birling. In the final speech, he pulls the upper-class people down. Priestley is trying to say be guilty and change you ways, like being nice to poor people and don't look down on them. Eric and Sheila echo the inspector by saying that they should be guilty even if it's all no real. The family are really shocked when they get the phone call at the end of the play, but Eric and Sheila aren't really that shocked. In the beginning of the play the audience would look up to the Birling's and as they admit to what they are doing wrong, the audience slowly feels guiltier and then hopefully when the play has ended they might think about changing their ways. ...read more.

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