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The Role Of Alfieri in A View From A Bridge

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English Literature Coursework The Role of Alfieri in A View From A Bridge This essay that I have written about is from the book "A View from the Bridge". And I am going to discuss how Arthur Miller (the Author of this play) has achieved such dramatic impact by using Alfieri. In this play Alfieri's role is very important. He tells us more about the characters like a narrator; he sets the scene and the environment. He is an engaged narrator, helping the audience in every way to understand the story. Arthur miller has used the characteristics in Alfieri to divide the play in different ways. The character helps us to understand the background information, which we might have missed. Alfieri's role is to unfold the play to the audience. He makes the audience get involved and plays with their emotions and helps them understand the story. The audience, including me, believe Alfieri because he is a lawyer and knows the most. He creates tension and emotion for the audience and the characters. I think he has so much pressure from being told the background information about the characters. I think he is drowned in stress and needs to talk to someone. I think that's why he talks to the audience. Alfieri also gives the feeling that he is retelling the story, because he mostly speaks in the past tense. The community in this play respect Alfieri because he is a lawyer and helps the rest of the characters out. ...read more.


At this stage Alfieri gives another piece of background information that we couldn't have known if he didn't say it. He says "I represent his father in an accident a few years back". At this time in the scene Alfieri says: "His eyes were like tunnels" when Eddie walks into the room, in the set or on the stage. This is a simile, he describes Eddie to be stressed, obsessed or that Eddie was thinking deeply about something. He says it like Eddie had committed a crime or done something wrong, or on the other hand this could mean he had a deep desire or wasn't aware of what's going on and he was confused. If Alfieri hadn't said this then the actor playing Eddie must have found it very hard to make an expression to all this information. Therefore Alfieri comes to use in the play yet again. Alfieri's fifth appearance was again when he introduces the scene. He helps the audience understand yet again because he sets the scene, time, place, atmosphere, and the characters in the scene. But he also creates suspense in the audience and makes them want to watch more. Alfieri's sixth appearance is when Eddie walks into his office again and they both have a conversation about Rodolpho. Alfieri observes a deep passion in eddies eyes. Alfieri wasn't listening to what he was saying, he was constantly starring into eddies eyes. He didn't remember anything Eddie said that night. ...read more.


This way the audience should understand how he feels. Alfieri is an honest and open character and tells the story thoroughly, clearly and very well, but sometimes he twists his words to get the audience thinking and keep them up to track. He also explains the message of the play effectively. The message that Alfieri gives is very clear and a good way to explain it. He said:"it's better to settle for half". I think this is the main message of the play, but I also think there are many more messages twisted in the lines that Alfieri says. He explains his closing speech and makes his statement clearer by saying this line: "it's better to settle for half, it must be!" I think he says this because if Eddie had settled with Rodolpho and Catherine's relationship and dealt with it, he wouldn't have died in the end of the play and it wouldn't have been a tragedy. Although Eddie is wrong Alfieri admires his determination because he didn't give up. I think that this is brave and a good thing to have inside of you. He was determined to get his love back, and he never gave up. I respect him for his decision, but at the end he got killed. He was a brave person and very determined. Eddie stuck with his opinion and never gave up. Everyone in the play thought he was wrong but I still respect him and so would Alfieri. Alfieri would still show respect for Eddie because he is very understanding. But at the end Eddie didn't compromise with Rodolpho and Catherine's relationship and got himself killed. The play explained the message very well. ...read more.

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