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The role of Alfieri in A View From The Bridge.

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In the play Alfieri acts like a Bridge between the community and the laws of America. This is shown when Eddie goes to talk about his feelings because of Rodolfo and wants to send him back to Italy but just then Alfieri explains the laws to Eddie and tells him that there is nothing illegal about Rodolfo and Catherine being together. Alfieri tells us that the themes of the play are Passion and Jealousy and that a case like Eddies doesn't come all the time. In the two scenes Alfieri is telling Eddie that he cannot do anything about Marco and Rodolfo. Alfieri tells Eddie that he cannot do anything about Catherine falling in love with Rodolfo when he says '' because there's nothing illegal about a girl falling in love with an immigrant'', The word 'Illegal' tells us that Eddie doesn't want Rodolfo and Catherine to be together and wants to get rid of him. Eddie also tries to convince Alfieri that Rodolfo is a Homosexual ''He's a blonde guy. Like.....Platinum. You know what I mean?'' He is trying to tell Alfieri that Rodolfo is only after the paperwork and nothing besides that. ...read more.


But when Alfieri says this it makes Eddie want to get rid of Rodolfo even more and later phones immigration to tell them about his two illegal cousins which he wants to get rid of. When Eddie is doing this he is breaking the laws of his community. When Alfieri quotes ''The law is nature'' he is telling Eddie that the law will do everything naturally and that he shouldn't interfere with nature. ''A river will drown you if you buck it now'' Alfieri is telling Eddie that if he tells immigration about Rodolfo and Marco being illegal he will be letting the community down and will be breaking the rules. The word 'Drown' is a very strong word which is indicating that if he ignores Alfieri's advice, he will not be respected in any way by his community and this is a threat from Alfieri to Eddie. When Alfieri quotes ''even those who understand will turn against you'' when he says this he is referring back to Vinny Balzano who snitched to the immigration about his Uncle and due to this Vinny was kicked out of his house by his Father and Brothers. ''Put it out of your mind! ...read more.


The words 'Pray for him' tell us that even though Alfieri told this wise old lady everything about Eddie her advice was to pray for him. ''his eyes were like tunnels'' Alfieri is telling us that Eddie's eyes were like tunnels. This imagery tells us that Alfieri thought that Eddie was in serious trouble, that he had committed a crime, but later finds out ''that it was a passion that had moved into his body, like a stranger'' as Alfieri quotes later on. The word 'Passion' is a very powerful word and tells us that Eddie did not commit a crime, but was concealing his passion for Catherine by telling Alfieri his problems and how Rodolfo is the causes of these problems. When Eddie quotes ''I know what's in his mind, Mr Alfieri!'' Eddie is telling us that he knows what Rodolfo is thinking and he wants to do something about this. The words 'I know' are very positive and indicates that Eddie is very positive about what he is saying and that he isn't wrong. Alfieri communicates to us and talks to us about his thoughts and feelings throughout the play. Alfieri also talks to us about the community and it rules. Alfieri acts as a bridge between the community and the law of America and also between the characters and the audience. ?? ?? ?? ?? - 1 - ...read more.

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