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'The role of horror in entertainment.'

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'The role of horror in entertainment.' Its as if some strange force is at work inside us. A certain curiosity which feeds on fear. An intrigue hidden away, deep inside, which wills us towards dark horror. Something woven into our genetic make-up, which makes us get a kick out of pain. It's somewhat unsettling to think that something quite so unnatural can make us more human. Furthermore, the feeling of intrigue is so strong that we're even willing to pay to be frightened. Travelling 'Freak Shows' were extremely popular back in Victorian times. Upper, middle and working class alike took great delight in visiting such events. They'd pay their few pence to the patron, and then, after a deep breath, they'd pluck up the courage and walk through the doors. ...read more.


We all know the simple format most Horror movies take, how the murderer awaits his victim, how people always enter a dark room and never switch a light on and how the killer is always "behind you!". We know that they're made to scare the 'living daylights' out of us, but we willingly watch them! Why? Simply because we love the rush, we love the feeling of adrenaline pulsing through our veins, of our heart beating out of our chest in anticipation. At the same time, we shield ourselves from what we know is coming, we cover our eyes for protection, in spite of which we spread our fingers and peer at the action unfolding, and when it does happen, we jump out of our seats, screaming, scared out of our wits. ...read more.


They're taking fear as a drug, it fuels their enjoyment, like alcohol would mine our yours. They get that indescribable rush only felt through fear. In conclusion, horror has a large role to play in entertainment, it excites us through movies, lets us feel better about ourselves by shocking us with the sight of those much worse of than us. Fear provides a buzz that is unlike any other, and is unattainable except through shock and fright. People pay to be frightened and shocked because after the climax of fear, once the movie has ended, the 'freak show' has left town, and once your feet are firmly back on the ground, you realise that your life isn't so bad after all, it's pretty boring actually. But that boredom can soon be extinguished though a little fear-therapy! Fear in all its forms lets us escape from reality and live a little on the 'wild side'. ...read more.

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