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the role of the nurse and the friar in the lifes of romeo and juliet

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The Role of the Friar and the Nurse in the lives of Romeo and Juliet In this introduction I am going to be explaining briefly the role of the friar and the nurse in the upbringing and taking care of Romeo and Juliet. The Friar in this play has two roles, one of them being the head of the Roman Catholic Church in Verona, the other being sort of a father figure to Romeo. He also in one sense plays God as he thinks he could make everything alright but in all his schemes only one thing has to go wrong for everything to go wrong. In the nurse's case her job was as a nanny who had been looking after Juliet from birth and she is also like the mother figure for Juliet, the nurse knew everything a mother needed to know about her daughter and she always help her when she is in trouble, she was perfect for this role because she was once a mother and when she lost her daughter, Juliet was like her immediate replacement after all the years bringing her up she got to do all those things she did not get to do with her daughter which helped her to gain Juliet's trust. ...read more.


In this scene Shakespeare is telling us that the nurse is the kind of lady who tried to avoid trouble at all cost even if it meant betraying Juliet's trust. Her behavior can be interpreted as being scared which means she doesn't want any trouble and she also lied, she obviously doesn't think that county Paris is a suitable fit for Juliet however "Romeo is a dish dont to him" meaning Romeo is not a man compared to him which now means she is also turning a little two- faced. In act 2 scene 3 we find out about the relationship between Romeo and Friar Lawrence we realize that has the nurse serves as a mother figure to Juliet, Friar Lawrence also does the same for Romeo. The way they express themselves around each other tells the audience how close their relationship is. We find out that Romeo talks to the friar with a lot of respect and he also calls him 'father' just as well he calls him son as well. The friar immediately asks Romeo about the lady he was in love with which is Rosaline and the way things are going between them. ...read more.


His motives for this scene was that he didn't want to be in trouble having something to do with what led to the death of Romeo and Juliet and now the audience that thought the friar was as honest man of God have a different opinion of him which is that he is a man who will do anything to get himself out of trouble which means he has to blame it all on God. In my own opinion I believe that the friar and the nurse were doing all they were doing for their own purposes rather than helping Romeo and Juliet. The nurse was doing all of this just so she could feel good about herself and she has a chance to do those things that she didn't get to do for her own daughter. And the friar was doing it just to get peace in the community rather than doing it for the benefit of Romeo and Juliet. I think Shakespeare wanted the audience to see them in two different ways; one of them being people who start off in a caring about people they are close to and end up hurting the ones they were supposed to protect and make them stay out of trouble. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 Mustafa Oladokun Romeo and Juliet ...read more.

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