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The roles of the Friar and the Nurse were to bring Romeo and Juliet together in order to stop the families feuding. The Friar's role was firstly as a priest, but secondly to act as a friend

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Victoria Olubi ROMEO AND JULIET COURSEWORK Romeo and Juliet is a play situated in Verona. The play is based on two teenagers who fall in love with their family's worst enemies. Juliet is the daughter of Capulet and Romeo, the son of Mountague. Both families are feuding against each other. Both families are wealthy and very similar. The pair is deeply in love and cannot control the way they feel. Romeo is not very close to his father so he turns to Friar Lawrence for advice. Friar is a good father figure to Romeo and he also acts as a priest. He advises Romeo to marry Juliet, with his own intensions that if the couple marry it might bring peace between the families. Juliet is also not very close with her mother and turns to the Nurse for help. The Nurse has known Juliet since she was conceived. She acts as a messenger for them and brings them together; she intends to keep Juliet happy and tries to be a friend to her. The marriage is kept a secret from the parents till the end of the play. Tybalt is the cousin of Juliet, the day they marry Tybalt kills Romeo's best friend Mercutio. Romeo is furious but does not want to hurt Tybalt because they are now family. But unfortunately Romeo kills him and is sentenced banishment. Juliet mourns for her cousin but still stays faithful to Romeo because she loves him. Not only does she have to cope with this but she also has been planned an arranged marriage to a man called Paris. Juliet refuses to marry him and is then scolded by her father. The Nurse stands up to him, but when Juliet needs her the most, for comfort and advice she turns away. Juliet has no one to turn to. She goes to Friar and tells him that if he does not help her she will kill herself. ...read more.


Juliet flatters the Nurse in order to get what she wants. This shows Juliet's behaviour because it shows that she uses the Nurse to get what she wants by flattering her and sucking up to her. This also shows that Juliet is not patient and the Nurse annoys her because of this. In Act 3, scene 2, the Nurse has to tell Juliet about the fight between Romeo and Tybalt. She is mourning for Tybalt because he was a very close friend to her. Juliet is alone and is talking about her love for Romeo. The Nurse misleads Juliet into thinking that Romeo is dead. "He's dead, he's dead!" She is inconsiderate and does not get straight to the point. She is slow, thought less and sudden and does comfort Juliet. The Nurse is graphic when describing the death. "I saw the wound; I saw it with mine eyes... I swounded at the sight." Juliet is devastated and the Nurse does not take it into consideration that on her wedding day her husband has killed her cousin. The Nurse insults Romeo and curses him, 'These grief's, these woes these sorrows that make me old. Shall come to Romeo!' She does not comfort Juliet, or support her; she makes things worse by making Juliet angry. Juliet does not know if she should blame Romeo or forgive him, but by the time she thinks things through she realises that he is not to blame. She is entertaining because again we can use what she says to learn more about her character. She is never careful with what she says. The Nurse also surprises the audience with the language and behaviour that she uses when talking to Juliet. In act 3 scenes 3 Romeo goes to the Friar after he has killed Tybalt, Friar tells him he has been banished. Romeo screams and cries acting the opposite of Juliet. ...read more.


It had gone too far and was destroying lives. If there had been peace amongst the families Romeo and Juliet would never have needed to keep their relationship secret. The feuding was not a good environment to bring up young children or teenagers. I also think a relevant factor of their deaths were that they were not close to their parents. They had turned to the Friar and Nurse for advice. A mother should know what is best for her children so she would probably have been the best person for Juliet to listen to. The Nurse and Friar were not stable enough to fix the problems that the couple were going through. If the families had not been feuding, it would not have been completely up to the Nurse and Friar to help. Romeo did not have a strong relationship with his dad we know this, because they do not have a conversation in the play. Friar knew Romeo better than Romeo's dad did. Romeo could not talk to his dad about girls or falling in love. The Friar was justified because he achieved what he had intended to do. He bought peace to the families. It did cost six lives, but this prevented more deaths and an ancient grudge. The Friar and Nurse were right because they took a responsibility that was not their own. They kept Romeo and Juliet happy and acted as parents to them. His motive was to bring the families together. The play is better because of the Friar and Nurse because they are the main sub-characters in the play. They are funny, entertaining and help to build tension in the play. We can relate to the play because Romeo and Juliet turn to the Friar and Nurse like the way that most people turn to their friends or family for advice. We learn from them that even people who are seen as 'important' or 'holy' in society can make mistakes in order to keep others happy. ...read more.

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