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The Room.

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The Room It had all started back in the old trophy room in Roker Park. It was 5th December 1995. The room looked quite big as it had white walls and a beige coloured ceiling, and had pictures of the past and present greatest footballers who had played for Sunderland A.F.C during the 1900s. They were placed on the left and right hand side walls. Straight ahead of me, when I walked in the double doors, was the trophy cabinet. I remember a shiver had crept down my spine as I had walked further into the room. Then when the shiver had gone I had walked over to the cabinet to have a look. ...read more.


I had met John 'tractor' Kay and Brian Atkinson, and John had handed me a mitre multiplex ball with the Endsleigh League logo on it that was similar to the football in the trophy cabinet. Then the music had started for the teams to run out on, then before I knew it I was out on the pitch and all I could hear was the 'Roker Roar', all the fans singing and dancing like an ordinary match-day, but this wasn't an ordinary match-day - this was my match-day! I walked over to the Fulwell End penalty circle and took about six steps backwards, the fans still singing and my heart racing. ...read more.


and gone in. Unfortunately while that was going on I found out that my dad had slipped and broken his arm while cheering for me when I scored. This happened as it had been raining all day so it was very wet. When I had gone back to where I had got changed into my strip - the trophy room, I looked at the cabinet and it brings me back to my bedroom, because I now have a picture of the cabinet - the same way I looked at it on that day. That is up on my wall now and I will remember that day for the rest of my life, because I have a programme with my photo in it. English Coursework 27:09:2002 Michael Thompson 10 Mt - 1 - Miss Lumsden ...read more.

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