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The Ruined Maid.

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Melia had found the man of her dreams. They had been together for quite a long time and were engaged to marry. Her mum and dad didn't think much of him but Melia didn't care. The happy couple was talking and it was going perfectly until one thing lead to another and they ended up sleeping together. The next morning Melia woke up to find her fianc´┐Ż gone. She couldn't find him anywhere. It seemed like he was ignoring her. He knew what he did was wrong. A couple of weeks later she had still not heard anything from him and now she realized that to her horror she was pregnant. She knew she couldn't stay at home her mum and dad would not let her stay there. They wouldn't have any of it. She didn't tell them that she was pregnant she just told them that she was fed up with living in the country she wanted a proper life and was going to find a job and live in town. ...read more.


"Hello can I help you?" The butler asked. "Hello I was just wondering do you have any jobs going for a house maid. I can cook and clean." She replied "I will get the man of the house for you." The butler walked into the house and disappeared into the large living room. A man also in a nice suit, hair not one bit out of place nails clean. "Hello can I help you?" The man of the house asked. "I was wondering if you needed anyone to cook or clean for you?" Melia replied. "As a matter of fact I would like someone to start doing that for me. The wife being pregnant and all she cant keep doing it." The man of the house explained. By this time Melia had lost her baby but she thought that she had come so far that she didn't want to go back. ...read more.


She was now speaking fit for high company and had stopped speaking common like they did back home. Melia and the Master had started to get on really well. So well in fact that she had turned into his Mistress. Whenever the wife was out. The two of them would be laughing and giggling. But once again one thing would lead to another and it would be going further then it should have done. She had starting to think that moving to town was a bad idea but when she realised what she had got out of it she knew it was the best thing she had ever done. She knew that if her mum and dad were ever to find out what she had been doing they probably disown her. She had not got in touch with them since the day she had left and by this time that was two years ago. She had a new life now but there was only one thing wrong Melia was now a ruined maid! And there was nothing she could do to change it. ...read more.

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