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The School Ball

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The School Ball I looked down at my mobile, staring at it. I had been doing that for the past half hour. I had wanted to do this for weeks but I was scared. I told myself it was either now or never. I pictured her face in my mind. I could see it now bright as light. That was what made me do it. I picked it up off the table and dialled her number, each button in turn. I could hear it ringing, 'ring, ring...ring ring...' Then I heard the receiver being picked up and a voice on the other side of the phone saying, 'hello' 'Hi, can I talk to Melanie please?' 'Speaking, who's this?' 'Hi' I replied in a shaky sort of voice 'it's Jay, from school' "Oh, hi Jay, 'sup?" 'I was wondering...' I paused contemplating what to say 'Well?' an almost impatient voice replied over the phone 'I was wondering, Would...Would...Would you... possibly like...to-come-to-the-school-ball-with-me?' 'Pardon?' I took a deep breath 'Um, well... I was thinking, would you like to go to the school ball with me' 'Yeh sure, I'd love to go. When is it?' A wave of relief went through my body 'It's next Friday' 'Cool, you can pick me up at six then' 'I'll be there'. ...read more.


I drew up memories of his last football game. I was running down the wing, heading for a goal with the ball at my feet . . . the ball . . . the Ball . . . Melanie. Damn. I switched to my English assignment. It was going well until I remembered English was Melanie's favourite subject. Damn my double-crossing memory. It was quiet like a deaf-dumb convention when it came to work, but when I actually want it to shut up? No chance. It was as if her beauty was tormenting me. I finally managed to fall asleep that night but all I dreamt about was Melanie. She was in my daydreams and night dreams. I had a flash... I was in a tuxedo, all dressed up. I pulled up outside her house in a limousine. I walked up to her front door and knocked on it. It opened it and she was standing where the door used to be. She was wearing the most flattering white dress, and the most beautiful smile I had ever seen. 'Good evening, Melanie,' I say, 'you look absolutely ravishing. I am honoured to escort such a beautiful jewel to my Ball.' 'Oh, you're too kind,' Suddenly she stepped forward and started licking my ear. My ear was soaked with her saliva; I woke up to see my dog on my bed licking me all over my face. ...read more.


Her face was as radiating as the sun on a summers day. 'Hey' was all I could think of saying 'Hey' 'Wow! You look...' I was very conscious of Melanie's father standing next to me 'You look lovely' 'Thanks' 'Shall we go?' 'Lets' My Dad drove. Melanie and I sat in the back and I could see my dad looking at us through the rear view mirror and smiling. We chatted about lots of things. I found it so easy to talk to Melanie, she was so easy going. We finally reached the ball. We got some drinks and we sat on the side and we chatted some more about life, family and how much we hated our school teachers. It started off with a few rock songs, then when everyone started to get tired they played some slow songs. Melanie and I only danced to the last rock song and then the slow songs came on. Our eyes met. There was a hint of a smile on her face. I smiled back. An intimate moment passed between us. I drew closer and whispered in her ear, "Could I have the pleasure of this dance with you?" She nodded and we embraced each other and started moving to the music. I felt her warm cheek pressing against mine. She smelt like a flower, but not just one, a whole field of them. Everybody else evaporated, leaving us alone on the chequered dance floor, as one entity. ...read more.

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