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The School of My Dreams

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I go to the W.E.N.O. comprehensive school in Singapore. Every morning I travel from Cardiff in Wales via teleportation. This way of travel has been around for about 200 years, since it was invented in 2050. I go to this school because since the age of 6 I have been able to read people's thoughts and so was advised by the Y.A.S. Board (Your Appropriate School Board) to go to the W.E.N.O. Everything Grammar School when I was 8. This is a school for those with supernatural abilities or "talent" as the school board prefers to call it. It is a place where young people with "talent" can develop their skills. The school spreads across a mile of the hills of Singapore and houses students from all around the World. ...read more.


So his plan is that are all going to meet up this afternoon in the computer lounge. Before that, I have my Science lesson. Physics, I hate this, as scientists have recently discovered that there are different realms other than ours and unfortunately I think my Physics teacher is finding this is a bit too hard to cope with. He is 93 now and is soon to retire. Many people these days live to about 120 years because of modern diets and medicines which keep the body healthier for longer. After a grueling 2-hour lesson with Mr. Carling, watching him crawl his way through the explanations of modern scientific developments, I head toward the computer lounge, which takes about 10 minutes because it is so far away. On the way, I meet Paul who tells me about his psychology lesson where they tried to work out whether androids have a personality! ...read more.


Alex was the first and only to speak as he told the complete story of what he was going to do. Unfortunately, we are not able to tell lies the way (we are told) kids used to because attached to each of us is a small badge that shines a bright red when someone is lying. So, finally each of us was asked 'Have you anything to say?' 'Paul'? 'No, Sirs'. 'Alli?' 'No, Sirs' 'Bruce?' 'No, Sirs' 'And Bob, what about you?' - That was me. I kept it simple. 'No, Sirs'. We were punished with the task of oiling all 370 school androids which took us about 4 hours. I got home late that night and blamed it on a hold-up in the teleport. However, all this didn't stop us from getting into mischief! Remember, kids will always be kids, no matter what year it is! ?? ?? ?? ?? A DAY IN MY DREAM SCHOOL OF THE FUTURE ...read more.

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