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The Sea Wolf.

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The Sea Wolf. "'My man,' she said, looking at me for an instant with tremulous lids which fluttered down and veiled her eyes as she snuggled her head against my breast with a happy little sigh." (page 252) With such affectionate words and the theme of love so ardent in this ending, it is hard to conceive that this story could be anything beyond a romance novel. It is a fact, though, that the themes of jealousy and courage are just as prevalent as love in this book by Jack London, called The Sea Wolf. Themes of jealousy and courage stem from the more distinctive theme of love in this novel. "The knowledge that I loved her rushed upon me..." (page 147) and, "I, Humphrey Van Weyden, was in love!" (page 149) are the words of the novel's protagonist, also known as Hump. ...read more.


(page 145), the "slight shock or hurt" being jealousy. While it seems natural that Hump felt jealous of anyone stealing the attention of Maude away from him, it doesn't seem so common for jealousy to be brought out in Wolf. It is, however, when Maude and Hump have a conversation of their own on their lives before the Ghost, something Wolf cannot comment on or participate actively in. "Oh, don't mind me,... I don't count. Go on, go on. I pray you." (page 138) was Wolf's response to their conversation. This jealousy needed to be dealt with, and it was just like Wolf to deal with it in the manner than he did. "I've given you warning, Cooky,... and now you've got to take your medicine." (page 138) Wolf had Cooky thrown in the water and eventually his foot was bit off by a shark. ...read more.


It is also a fact that Maude holds a secure amount of courage, which is described often by Hump. One particular instance where the thoughts of Hump express Maud's courage is at the point in the novel where they have escaped the Ghost and landed on an island they label "Endeavor Island". Hump is recollecting all that Maude had done to assist in the escape, and what she is accomplishing on the island with him now. "There was something heroic about this gently bred woman enduring our terrible hardship and with her pittance of strength bending to the tasks of a peasant woman." (page 196) Maude and Hump, together, have shown a great deal of courage, as well as love, in this book. The presence of love in one's life brings about other concepts and feelings. For Humphrey Van Weyden, love brought to his life some jealousy, but mostly courage. Themes of jealousy and courage stem from the more distinctive theme of love in this novel. ...read more.

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