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The Secret Life of Adrian Troll.

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The Secret Life of Adrian Troll "Morning Terry," said Adrian, picking himself off the ground and jumping on Terence. "Wake up!" Adrian was a small being; perhaps he might be likened to a leprechaun, except he definitely was not. A troll was a more likely description, yet it couldn't really be confirmed. He had no hair, but a few grey patches on his forehead. A greeny haze glowed over his skin, like a foul odour creeping from well-worn shows. He had small beady eyes, which held inside many emotions and memories, a twinkle that was caught when the light hit them, almost longing for a dream far out of reach. A long nose caught every smell and ended slightly upturned, creating a rather puzzled expression on his tiny, pointed face. His mouth was small and mainly hidden by the shadow of his nose. He spoke good English, but with a strong Irish accent. He seemed a lively character, bursting with endless amounts of energy, the complete contrast of his companion. Terry was a man of no fixed abode. It is not politically correct to call him a tramp, but in this case it was an exception. He was tall and slim, with shortish hair, about chin length, each strand entwined with another, creating a care-free attitude. He was wearing many layers, almost an outfit for each day, like a mobile wardrobe. His top layer consisted of a swamp-green jumper, covered in tiny flakes of mud, and a pair of beige combat trousers, which may have been white in a previous life. ...read more.


It was an atmosphere than anyone would like to live in, but this was not natural, no peaceful. The atmosphere was cold and full of tension, and every single person was aware of it. This period of tranquillity left Adrian reflecting on life, on both his life and Terry's. Why had they ended up under the bridge? Where were their families? How long would they live like this? There were so many unanswered questions, and it troubled Adrian. He decided they had to do something, to go somewhere, but how was he to tell Terry? He knew that Terry wanted to get away, he had said so on the night of the shooting, but was he being serious? There was only one way to find out! "Terry? Can I ask you something?" said Adrian later that day. "Sure," answered Terry, "go ahead." "How would you feel about moving? Away to the place you were describing, to the place where everyone is friendly?" Adrian sighed, and then laughed, a sad and disappointed laugh, "There's no such place Adrian, I was just dreaming. No we'll have to stay here, it's best." "Why? Why should we? Terry we have nothing to lose. Please move I know where to go and I know it will be fun." "Fun? Adrian this is serious, not fun. I mean, even if we were to move, where would we go, or live, or do?" "Terence," Adrian put on a voice that sounded like a parent reassuring a child that their favourite Teddy would be ok while the child was at school, "trust me, I promise you I know what we can do." ...read more.


Heading for the airport, Adrian supposed he would have to find another companion now, but that did not matter. He had done something good, something brilliant, and no one, no one could ruin that moment of pure happiness for him. He walked and walked, hoping he was going in the right direction when he heard a scream. He looked around, thinking someone had been shot or stabbed, or someone had been mugged, when he realised the woman who was screaming was screaming at him. She attracted a great deal of attention and suddenly people were swarming all around him, making comments and trying to touch him. He was terrified, and ran away, faster and faster, not looking where he was going until... "BANG". He walked straight into someone. And that someone picked him up and put him in a bag. And that someone had a familiar voice, and that someone was Terry. "Terry!" he cried, "I was so scared someone saw me I forgot I was so sad...." "It's ok now," soothed Terry, "You're safe. You have done something great for me and I have done something great for you. You are coming with me and you can live in my room." "But...but..." "No 'buts'. I said would it be ok if I kept my cat in my room and the lady said it would be fine. So you can hide with me still. Terry and Adrian, we'll never be split up." A smile crept onto Adrian's face, and silently the pair walked, hand in hand together, through the midnight sky onto a life of happiness, peace and helpfulness: together. ?? ?? ?? ?? By Katie Bowman 10AC ...read more.

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