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The Secret Life Of ... Andrew Walker.

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"Walker loses," says the dealer in a monotone. The dealer was wearing a smart black waist-coat with a smartly ironed white shirt. Under the collar of his prestige white shirt, he wore a black bow tie. Andrew walked out of the casino �300,000 out of pocket, however it was Monte Carlo. He was so annoyed to lose so much money as this was his entire years pay package. Even though he loved Monte Carlo he was so annoyed to lose the money because it was an expensive place to live so life was hard to live if you had little money. Andrew walked slowly back to his hotel with his head down. He was wearing creased up trousers, half done up shirt and a blazer which was white now grey. As for his shoes, they had turned brown and the front was all ruined as though he had been kicking cans around the streets. The reception staff were scared as he looked vicious as if he could lash out at any time. Because of his appearance Andrew looked lost in the hotel as it was all covered in red carpet and there was no dust on the furniture. ...read more.


They kept coming in, asking me where the cocaine was. 'What cocaine?' I said. Whenever I dozed off, they'd come crashing in, yelling and hollering. I'd say I wanted my lawyer and they'd laugh. 'Lawyers are for criminals', they said. They were fighting crime." "When I got home I found your mummy sitting in the middle of the living room floor, crying her eyes out. The house was a shambles. While I was locked up they had come and basically ripped the house up. They said to your mum it was a drug crisis! She tried to call the police but they ripped the phone off the wall. She told them to go to hell." "They've been watching me ever since, on and off. However they can't report me to the police as they dealt me the drugs. They held hands sitting on a stony seat watching the sun go down. They watched it ease towards the ridge, colouring the sky red. While walking Jason home, Andrew talked to him about his supposed friend Ricky. Jason told Andrew that he had not taken cocaine and wouldn't take it even if it was a matter of life or death. ...read more.


They terminated the interview so they could go and pay Ricky a visit. Ricky lived in a slum and the floor was covered in needles, cocaine and tin foil. The police found Ricky dead in the dark corner with needles surrounding him. The only thing the police could do was arrest Andrew and sentence him. The following interview the Sergeants sentenced him to 18 years in prison. He dropped to his knees and burst out in tears. He was dragged to the cell and then slammed the door shutter shut and the noise of it echoed all around the cell. Aaaaahhhh!! Andrew was sweating and so sat up in bed. This was a frightening thought for him. However could it happen to him if he doesn't do drugs? If he didn't why did he dream of such a thing happening to him? He thought to himself that he wouldn't be able to see his son grow up if he did get locked up so he stayed off the drugs. From this experience Andrew stayed off drugs and was able to patch things up with his wife. He saw his son grow up to be an accountant and every week went to the stony seat. Andrew Walker 10H English Coursework ...read more.

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