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The Secret Life Of Nick Bryson

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James Carr 11aii The Secret Life Of Nick Bryson ...The elegant waves thrown across miles of sea melted slowly in two in front of the longship as it glided through the infinitely blue sea. Nick Bryson was a great Viking commander, although he was young for a commander Nick led one of the most dangerous crews that ever sailed the seven seas. "Cap'ain!" howled the huge, beefy giant, who's muscles seemed to infect the whole of his body. "We're approaching Midrah, shall I prepare the crew?" "Very well" replied Bryson. "Make sure the crew take enough sacks - Midrah is a very rich village indeed." Nick shut his eyes, just to smell the freshness of the open sea, when suddenly... "...Nick! Nick!" Nick Bryson opened his eyes and entered his real world. His friend, Paul, was calling him from the door of his bus. Nick, in a panic, leapt onto his bus almost forgetting to take his bag with him. ...read more.


It exploded much like an eruption out of the barrel of a pistol... "Help! Help!" persisted the manager of the richest bank in town. "Silence you fool! You think anyone can hear you?!" replied Lex, holding a pistol to the managers head. "No one can stop me from becoming the richest man in town!" "Ahem," interrupted Nick "you think I could stop ya?" "Bioman?!" exclaimed Lex "But...but...I killed you!" "You didn't kill me enough Lex, now hand the money back" "No way!" retaliated Lex as he attempted a impetuous exit. But no sooner did the thought of escape had entered his mind he completely evaporated. "Damn, I really didn't want to do that" explained Bioman almost apologetically. "Well, better clean up the damage".... "And how exactly do you plan to do that, Nick Bryson?" Nick's experiment exploded into thin air, just like his arch nemesis, Lex. Unfortunately the experiment remained - spread across half the Biology Lab. ...read more.


"OK men, this is it," explained Captain Bryson, "every man that has died here has died to win this last battle. Don't let these men die in vain, fight well and honour your country!" Captain Bryson marched his troops towards the battlefield with a calm, focused expression on his face.... .... "Nick Bryson come here this instant!" insisted Nick's history teacher. In both worlds Nick Bryson moved towards his destination. In one world fellow soldiers were dying by his side from the streaming bullets whistling through the sky. In the other world pupils were launching stares that cut through Nick like a lead bullet. Captain Bryson carried on marching towards the enemy with no fear in his eyes, gifting the opposing force with death. Nick felt the glare of his teacher burning through him. He knew that one Nick Bryson had to go and which one as well. Captain Bryson had run out of ammunition and, with pure courage, forced himself towards the enemy as a drop from the shower of bullets hit him straight through his heart. ...read more.

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