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The Secret

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Kyriakos Perdikou 10H The Secret What a wonderful life it is. I'm stuck at school, I've got assignments up to my neck, exams in two weeks, a cash flow problem and to make matters worse I'm a undersized plump Irish lad living in central London in one of those high rise flats unlike the rest of the inhabitants of my school, who all live in large posh houses. There you have it, that's my life down to the dot. See here's the thing, I am Special! Unlike the rest of my family (Mum, Dad, Mabel, Joseph and great aunt Vanessa) I'm smart...ish. So my school in Dublin sent my whole family (minus Joseph, he's working for the better of Ireland) to London to get put into the Gifted Children's School. Before I went to the school I thought it would be kind of cool, but that was before I discovered that no one in England has a name like Seamus O'Flynn. So set the scene. I walk into school one day late and I get a detention, nothing abnormal so far, so I attend my hour detention with Mr Bodner ...read more.


I want you to count every box and make sure that there are thirty in three of the boxes and one box where there should only be twelve. O.K that's it. What is it you're waiting for? Christmas; get started the lot of you". So we all got to work, well almost all of us, anyway. Bod just put down his head and he fell straight to sleep, after he took his pills. He says that they're for medical reasons, but others say that they're too colourful to be legal. But then again nobody could blame him really; this school is kind of depressing. See everyone in my school had this theory, during World War II this old school was bombed. All the teachers' deny it but you could understand why. The white wallpaper was peeling (well what was left of it), there were cracks in the walls and well, you just had this general feeling that people had died in here. So I walked up to the brown boxes with the GCSE's in and started counting. ...read more.


I didn't recognise most of them so my Mum stood behind me and whispered their names. They all kept on going on about how they all had high hopes for me. So when I got the chance, I went up to my room, and had second thoughts about the paper. I realised that if I took the paper I would probably get an A* which would be excellent. I also realised that if I used the paper I would only be cheating myself. I decided to take it back but thought about what would happen if the teachers knew that I had taken a GCSE paper. So I came to the final decision not to use it and to burn it, then I thought that some use might as well come out of this anyway and I did want "Return to the Matrix" on PC, it was the best game ever created. The next month when I received my results I was quite surprised. I got a B for English, more than I expected, and a mysterious �50. I also found out that Matthew and Scott both got A's unexpected by everyone, except me of course. ...read more.

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