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The Setting Of 'Goodnight Mr Tom.'

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The Setting Of 'Goodnight Mr Tom.' 'Goodnight Mr Tom' is set around the time of evacuation during the 2nd World War. The story begins in Winter time when William Beech is first introduced as being an evacuee all the way from London to live with Mr Tom Oakley. Willie's life which begins in London as a weak little boy now centres around the village of Little Weirwold which is situated in the British countryside, as it is the safest place to be during the war. Little Weirwold is surrounded by fields and William's place of residence, 'Church Cottage' has beautiful gardens and a lovely, peaceful and quiet graveyard making up the grounds. ...read more.


Little Weirwold had been a large change from this; "The atmosphere in Little Weirwold is fresh and full of life, and everyone is friendly. William loves it there and a large change is changing him from a weak lonely little boy into a healthy friendly lively little boy. Even the topic of conversation is different and more natural and open in Little Weirwold, everyone knows everyone else and they all look out for each other; "I'm a little worried, what with her baby due so soon," was the remark made by a villager in concern for Annie Hartridge the class teacher. In London the topic of conversation is very stiff, and every-one is suspected of being a "German Spy". ...read more.


Barrett he finds his new school like a haven. Instead of being a little nobody in a large school in Deptford, he now goes to a lovely little school where he has a wonderful teacher and is able to learn fast. He finds that he is able to learn fast. He finds that he is a very talented artist, and works hard on this newly found gift. William is now a very healthy talented, friendly nine year old and is being brought up by a kindly, loving old man, Mr Oakley, who is later to become his foster father. "I say you've lost your London accent," says Zach. "This remark shows that William truly belongs in Little Weirwood now. Jennifer Hardie-8H. ...read more.

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