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The Seven Commandments were made to give the animals rules they should obey.

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The Seven Commandments were made to give the animals rules they should obey.With this seven important points the life of the animals should be arranged,but also a little bit controlled,so that they are prevented from doing things that could destroy their community. The most important point is the friendship they should perceive for other beings that go upon four legs or that have wings But also it's said that man must be seen as an enemy and that his danger must NOT be underestimated.To follow this commandments the animals have to learn them by heart,but some of them aren't able to do this because of their stupidity.After thinking much about that fact they decide to reduce the Seven Commandments to a "single maxim".With declaring this reduction they,that means especially the pigs,hope they can suggest this maxim to the other animals.The single rule was:"Four legs good,two ...read more.


affirme that it would be used for mixing it in the mash.But when they all come back from work the milk has disappeared.This mistery is soon cleared up.The pigs used the milk to pour it in their own mash without telling this anybody.This fact shows us that the "pretended community" slowly developes to a dictorial society.The pics profit by their power and by the other animal's stupidity.They tell them lies why they would use the milk for themselves and make them believe that their deed wasn't wrong.I think this scene is a sing for the arrogance of the pigs which contributes to the communism and to the battle that is presented in the following chapters. A lot of means are used by Squealer to make the animals believe in his words.I think the most important thing is,that he speaks to them directly.All the time he uses ...read more.


The pigs play a very important role in the story.First there is Old Major,who inspires the other animals;he delivers them the idea of a rebellion.Consequently you could say that he is the release for the "ANIMAL FARM".But after Old Major is dead the animals need a new leader,whose position take the three pigs Napoleon Snowball and Squealer.Napoleon is more respected than the other two pigs.He is a pig who's getting his own way.In contrast to Napoleon Snowball is the pig,who is better in speech. Squealer is the most persuasive animal of them,that knows how to use arguments.He's a really good talker and he often helps his two comrades.These three pigs teach the others in Old Majors system.But during the rebellion they don't have the leading position,which they get after they have rebelled against Jones successfully. ...read more.

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