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The Shakespeare play 'Romeo and Juliet' has been screened by two different directors and in two different time periods. The first production was made in 1968 and was directed by a man called Zeffirelli.

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Romeo and Juliet Coursework The Shakespeare play 'Romeo and Juliet' has been screened by two different directors and in two different time periods. The first production was made in 1968 and was directed by a man called Zeffirelli. The second production was made in 1997 and was directed by another man called Baz Luhrman. 'Romeo and Juliet' has become one of the greatest known plays of all time. The play is a constant trail of feud, danger, secrecy and romance. One of the most well known scenes in the play is the balcony scene, and I am going to comment on both of the productions of that scene. In the Zeffirelli production of the balcony scene, the settings are very medieval and old. At the very start of the scene, Romeo is out on the street with Benvolio and Mercutio. The street is cobbled, worn down and dirty. The buildings are also made out of very rough, old stone and are medieval looking. ...read more.


The light and sound in the Zeffirelli production is very effective. On the way in to the orchard, noises in the background can be heard, such as a dog barking or Mercutio and Benvolio screaming out Romeo's name in the middle of the cobbled streets. When Romeo actually enters the orchard, there are lots of voices that can be heard from people in the house and there is the sound of rustling trees in the garden, adding to the secrecy effect. When Romeo begins to talk, Juliet is very startled when she finds out that there is someone in her garden. But only when she finds out it is Romeo, her attitude completely changes from fearful to overjoyed. During the whole conversation which they have, Juliet laughs quite often and it is a very effective laugh because she really emphasises it and tries very hard to concentrate on keeping Romeo from getting caught at the same time. When the nurse calls for Juliet to come into the house, she shouts at the top of her voice over and ...read more.


Juliet played her part well, but she lacked a certain quality in talent, that Zeffirelli's Juliet had. The costumes for Zeffirelli's production for the entire cast created an image of the Shakespearean era, and were colourful, expensive, and rebellious, showing rivalry between the two families. The costumes for the Luhrman production, for Romeo and Juliet's characters only, I think were better. Romeo's suit of armour showed he would have to fight for Juliet's love, and Juliet's angel costume showed her innocence and youth. The Capulet's in this production were more focused on their image and how they spent their money. Overall I think the Zeffirelli production of Romeo and Juliet was better because it was true to the play, and reflective of the time when written. I think the Luhrman production could have been a better film if there had been more focus on delivery of the lines, e.g. imagery. A modern day production of Romeo and Juliet does not work; people are more interested in action films rather than good old fashioned Shakespeare, what a waste! Ben Galloway 11B English Literature Coursework ...read more.

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