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The Sherlock Holmes stories are popular with middle class people because he is standing up for middle class people in his stories

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Sherlock Holmes Sherlock Holmes is a famous fictional detective with his own series of books written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The people of Victorian England loved Sherlock Holmes because he always got his man, and the police in their time could not get anyone. Another reason the English people from the Victorian era loved Sherlock Holmes is the way he solves the crimes.He sometimes acts stupidly to catch criminals or uses role reversal and take the criminals for fools. Sherlock Holmes is seen as an amateur detective that you can count on. In "The Red Headed League" Holmes shows he is truly a great detective by changing personalities to handle the suspects. He uses sarcasm, intelligence, his ability to appear calm,his sense of humour and of course his deductive and observant mind. In this story, however, he mainly uses his observant mind and sense of humour. 'Until the comical side of the affair so completely over-topped every other consideration that both burst out into a roar of long laughter.' ...read more.


Both of them fall off the water fall and die. Moriarty is just as smart, strong and even more remorseless as Sherlock and throughout "The Final Problem" Sherlock knew he would have to confront him so he was his fear showed Sherlock Holmes fans knew something was going to happen to their beloved Sherlock Holmes. The Sherlock Holmes stories are popular with middle class people because he is standing up for middle class people in his stories and detective stories were new to them at the time so it was exciting. Mostly middle class people read them because they went to work by train and they needed something to read on the journey there and back plus the stories were also published in magazines so a lot of people had access to them. Also, since Sherlock Holmes was a cocaine addict like most middle class people at the time, it appealed to them along with the fact that he was like the justice they were not receiving because he always got his man. ...read more.


After receiving a letter asking for help in a mystery Holmes observes the paper the note is written on and tells Watson exactly where the paper was made and who by. " The paper was made in Bohemia" Being secretive is another one of Holmes's characteristics. He is able to keep anything secret from any body. This helps him in his investigations of crimes and mysteries because it means that he can set traps to catch criminals and the like without others knowing and the trap possibly being compromised. Another one of Holmes's characteristics is that he is able to be clever, sensible and responsive at one time but at another time he is a drug user. Unlike most people he is able to keep these two very different lives separate. He is then and anti-social character. This is summed up with a phrase from his dear friend Dr Watson "who loathed every sort of society". Sherlock Holmes has a very complicated character, which can be broken down into the few characteristics that I have detailed. The characteristics all help in some way or another to solve the often-complicated mysteries that he is asked to solve. ...read more.

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