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The Shining - film review.

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THE SHINING The Shining is director Stanley Kubrick's 1980's classic horror film - a remarkable piece of work that moved away from the bloodletting and gore of most modern films in the horror genre around that time. Kubrick moved from the conventions of traditional horror film thrillers, replacing them with his own, much more subtle and symbolic images. Wendy finally and suddenly makes sense of Tony's muttered "redrum," by means of a mirror into the word, written in blood-red lipstick, "murder." The music increases suddenly, as we see fear explodes across her face, and we hear a loud crash. Jack is chopping down the door with his axe. The conventional move in this scene, in order to keep the audience on its toes would be to stay with Wendy and Danny and to follow them as they try to escape from the noises. Instead, the film reverses the surprise of the scene by cutting immediately to a shot of Jack outside the apartment, chopping away. While an ordinary horror film might have shown the axe suddenly rip through the door with no warning, The Shining shows us in detail what's about to happen. ...read more.


The grinding sound of Hallorann's Snow-Cat perks up their ears, the hero?. Danny runs back inside and hides inside a metallic storage cabinet. Drained with weakness, Jack departs from his attack on Wendy, hunches himself over, and limps through the kitchen and lobby to find "the outside party" that Grady had warned about earlier in the film. As Hallorann, the caretaker of the hotel, calls out: "Anybody here?" Jack jumps out from behind a pillar, swings the axe at him, and puts it through his chest, leaving the sacrificed, murdered man lying across a large Indian design on the floor of the lobby. Quite unexpected but nothing can really be expected in horror classics. Danny screams in terror. Now obscenely evil, Jack hears Danny, happens every time when the victim just cant stay still, and knows his hiding place, causing the boy to run from the kitchen cabinet with his father carrying a bloodstained axe in pursuit. Driven to madness herself, Wendy rushes upstairs looking for Danny. She hears echoes of chanting. Through one of the hotel room's open bedroom doors, she catches a disturbing glimpse of a sexually perverse scene from the hotel's disgusting past - another piece of evidence proving the entire family's possession of the 'shining' phenomenon. ...read more.


Danny retraces his steps by backing up in his own footsteps in the snow and then hiding off to the side in some hedges. After Danny manages to escape the maze and leaps into his mother's arms, crying in relief "Mommy! Mommy!". Presumably recovered, he and Wendy manage to escape in Hallorann's Snow-cat, leaving Jack in the maze where he freezes and dies from the cold in his tracks. The next day, a gruesome shot shows Jack's frozen face and body covered with ice and snow. The closing shot is an extremely long tracking shot into a hallway outside the Gold Room toward one framed photograph - it is of twenty-one black and white framed pictures, which freeze moments of time on the wall. 1920s, Fitzgeraldian period music from a dance band plays in the background. The black-and-white image of the picture is from the Overlook's evil time zone, taken during the hotel's glory days at the July 4th Ball. Broadly grinning and waving, a younger-looking Jack is head in the picture, safely absorbed into the scene. Behind him are ghostly partiers all dressed in smart, 1920s dress. The inscription: "Overlook Hotel / July 4th Ball / 1921." Seen by Americans as a day of independence. Is there a hidden meaning in this? ...read more.

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