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The short story called Father and Son was written by Bernard Maclaverty, an author who uses his stories to transfer real life problems.

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Father and Son The short story called 'Father and Son' was written by Bernard Maclaverty, an author who uses his stories to transfer real life problems. Such as in 'Father and Son' Bernard conveys the theme of a story between a father and son and their family relationship together which is also accompanied by a third person who details what they say more clearly. The plot is about father and son both trying to communicate with each other but fail. For what they both want to say they mutter what they want to say, in their head. The father is the one who desires his son for he wishes to talk to him and make sure that the son loves him, since their wife/mother is deceased. The story is set in Northern Ireland and the area they live in, is full of intense noises: "The sound of ambulances criss - cross the dark." This expresses the area as being very violent for the ambulances going passed their house very so often for them needing to give care of injured people. ...read more.


The father is the one who wants to figure out about his son seeing if he is ok and what is happening to him: "Where are you going today?" "What do you be doing out at this time?" "What do you talk about?" In every one of these quotations, the father is asking the son everyday questions that parents ask which the son refuses to answer. The father wants his son most of all: "I want you to talk." "I want to know what you think." "I want to know if you are in danger again." Bernard is repeating the words "I want," conveying the fathers need to know his son but the father is incapable of finding the words to express his feelings, which leaves him unable to access his son. The father wants to remember the happier times when they shared their lives. Such as both of them being on the bus to quite days in Toome, how he taught him to tie a blood knot cast it and also how to fish. ...read more.


The father's reaction to his son lying dead on the ground is that he answers: "My son let me put my arms around you." In this quotation the father finally accomplished to put his arms around his son as an act of love. Its importance is telling the audience that, do not leave everything to the last minute say it immediately, to show how you feel. The question is the difficulties which the characters face and also how the author has made it clear to me is by Bernard, really showing a big struggle for this relationship. Such as a father and son who are not compatible of communicating with each other and them being blocked from the society they live in. My feelings for the short story "Father and Son," is that I feel communication barriers near my family so it's really telling me to say what I need to say straight away and also the area they live in is really atrocious and dreadful which starts up a sinking attitude and behaviour to the victim. ?? ?? ?? ?? Ashley Buchanan ...read more.

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