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The short story named The Princesses Forum is a mixture of old fairy tales in a modernized way

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English and Literature Tribute to Well Known Fairy Tales and Realization Of The Changes We Had Been Through Over Past Centuries The short story named ?The Princesses? Forum? is a mixture of old fairy tales in a modernized way. The short story is not similar to any classic fairy tale. The text is shaped by the cultural values, personal opinions and has some other content which is unique to our present time. With all these properties this makes our short story no longer a fairy tale with a value of being a classic story worldwide. If this text had been written in a different time or place with a language for a different audience it would be completely different based on the culture of the community at that times and there is a good chance for it to be an another common fairy tale if it was written in the times of when other well-known fairy tales had been written. ...read more.


The author is most like a North American and he/she assumes that the audience knows about the background information on the chosen characters in the story. Something similar is seen in how Rapunzel responds to being pregnant: ?That?s because I?ve been taking the pill.? If the author were not a North American resident this part could have been shaped differently. This is one of the few examples on how the language is shaped by the culture of the author. As a result a reader with no background knowledge of birth control pills would not understand what Rapunzel means with ?taking the pill?. If this text had been written in a different time it would have been very different. Whole point of this text is to show its readers about the change, the change on women?s place in society mainly. If it were not for the change this short story would be similar to those classical fairy tales written hundreds of years ago. ...read more.


Princes, whom are tired of fighting dragons and chasing their princesses whole day while trying to look brave, admit how they really feel to the princesses and heroines. What could be derived from this is that for changes to happen there should be confessions about how the past system was flawed, and this is inequalities between the two genders in our case. Princes are tired from the burden of their responsibilities towards princesses and princesses are tired of being passive about everything and leaving all the hard work to males. So basically in this short story famous women characters of the fairy tales stopped sucking it up and started to face what was bothering them. And this change comes with the societies? realization over women?s true place in the communities. Author reflects the changes in the real life to the fairy tales and that is what makes this short story extraordinary and not like any other fairy tale. Normally fairy tales are about delivering simple morals to its readers without such complex comparisons between the past and the present. ...read more.

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