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"The Siege" Explore how Dunmores novel vividly conveys that, in a siege, fellow citizens are sometimes as dangerous as the enemy.

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Explore how Dunmore's novel vividly conveys that, in a siege, fellow citizens are sometimes as dangerous as the enemy This novel shows us the cruelty of war and the effect it has on lives of the Leningraders living under the siege during World War II. It shows the struggle of people trying to survive against all odds. In the novel, Dunmore conveys that fellow citizens are sometimes as dangerous as the enemy, and she does this by letting us see how people suffer as individuals with the main focus on the experience of the Levin Family. Dunmore clearly shows that it's the desperation of the people and the will to do anything to survive that makes fellow citizens sometimes as dangerous as the enemy. The siege affects the citizens of Leningrad in a very negative way; their old life leaves them completely. As the city gets deeper under siege, there's no giving up, if people give up, they will die. Everybody is struggling to survive with small food rations and the cold that has gotten into them. Death becomes commonplace and everyone becomes extremely weak from the cold and starvation. People are desperate to survive; they would do anything in order to keep themselves alive. ...read more.


The fact that Anna has to keep both her ration cards and bread invisible shows us how each citizen has to be aware of other fellow citizens because people are so desperate that their morality is suspended and if they see fellow citizens carrying food around, they would actually rob or attack them for it. This scene also shows us that Anna is as desperate as everyone else because she can't afford to get robbed, and would hit the people trying to steal her food with the wooden stick. If the siege never happened, Anna definitely wouldn't have the mental strength to hit fellow citizens or to even think about doing it. These things all show us how the people of Leningrad are being affected greatly by the siege. There's a small scene where Andrei takes home a guinea pig from the hospital and gives it to Anna to cook. Everyone is extremely overjoyed because it's been a long time since anyone has eaten something other than bread. While Anna is cooking it, the smell of meat fills the apartment and there's a knock on the door. Anna says: "I'll go, and whoever it is, they mustn't come in. If word gets out that we've got meat..." ...read more.


It's extremely kind of Evgenia because everyone knows how precious commodities are these days, but yet she's still very willing to help Anna. Her sympathy and kindness helps to save Anna's life. At the end of the novel, Dunmore also shows us the strength of the human spirit, and how it helped people living under the siege to get through the worse times. The ending of 'The Siege' is like the celebration of life. I think Dunmore clearly conveys to us that in a siege, fellow citizens can sometimes be as dangerous as the enemy. She gives us a lot of details about how the siege changes the people of Leningrad, and gives many examples of small incidents that happen to show this. It's not a surprising thing to see people being suspicious and extremely paranoid of one another because during these times, you're living in fear of the people around you. You don't know what they are thinking, they might be so desperate that all they think about is attacking you and stealing your food. I think that if you're in this situation, it's easy to lose your morality because it's very difficult to control yourself when your mind is obsessed with just one thing, in this case food. ________________________________ Word count = 1299 Pond Year 10 CT ...read more.

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