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The Signal-Man and THE MONKEY'S PAW

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Giovanni Rhodes 10w ENGLISH COURSESWORK The Signal-Man and THE MONKEY'S PAW How do the writers create a sense of suspense? Giovanni Rhodes 10w How do the writers create a sense of suspense? Fictional text need to be interesting so that the reader likes it. Many writers use many different things to capture their reader's interest. Both Charles Dickens and WW Jacobs, in the Signalman and the monkeys paw both use different ways to try and keep the interest of their reader. The Signalman and the Monkey paw, are very similar both are horror stories set in 0ne location with very few characters. Even though they seem similar, they are actually told in different styles. Throughout the story the Signalman, Charles Dickens uses a Varity of methods to create atmosphere, tension and mystery. The author of this short story Charles Dickens was motivated to write this story because of a terrible train wreck at Staple Hurst, Kent, which he was involved in on 9 June 1865, in which several passengers died but he survived by luck. The story "The signalman" starts with the quote "Halloa! Below there" as the story unfolds this quote becomes very important. ...read more.


living so far out balled Mr white with sudden and unlooked-for violence of all beastly, slushy, out of the way places to live in, this worst. Paths a bog, and the roads a torrent I don't want people are thinking about I suppose because only two houses in the road are let they think it doesn't matter". The is also a sense of conflict when Mrs white wises her son back to life, but Mr white knows that this is bad news and he tries to stop it "What's that?" cried the old woman, starting up. A rat, said the old man, in shaking tones--"a rat. It passed me on the stairs. His wife sat up in bed listening. A loud knock resounded through the house. It's Herbert!" she screamed. "It's Herbert!" She ran to the door, but her husband was before her, and catching her by the arm, held her tightly. What are you going to do?" he whispered hoarsely. It's my boy; it's Herbert!" she cried, struggling mechanically. "I forgot it was two miles away. What are you holding me for? Let go. I must open the door. For God's sake, don't let it in," cried the old man trembling. You're afraid of your own son," she cried, struggling. ...read more.


As I wished it twisted in my hands like a snake." This was what happened when Mr White wish for 200 hundred pound, this quote made the story more interesting because everyone wanted to see what happens and how they get their 200 hundred pounds. In The signal man the signalman characters credibility is in doubt when he clams that he has spotted a ghost he says " If I telegraph Danger, on either side of me, or on both, I can give no reason for it," he went on, wiping the palms of his hands. "I should get into trouble, and do no good. They would think I was mad. This is the way it would work,--Message: 'Danger! Take care!' Answer: 'What Danger? Where?' Message: 'Don't know. But, for God's sake, take care!' They would displace me. What else could they do?" this seems weird to the narrator who doesn't believe the signalman but to want to alert someone but doesn't want to tell anyone important, because he knows they will think he is mad. Both theses stories create suspense, this makes the story more interesting. They use many styles to create suspense and these styles work. And overall suspense is created. ...read more.

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