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The Signalman

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The Signalman In The Signalman the way that Dickens is writing makes the story more interesting. He is writing about the sightings describing the light and the circumstances of when the ghost appeared. At the end when everyone is expecting to discover the truth from the story Dickens makes one last sudden twist by the sudden death of the signalman, so at the end the story still keeps a mystery and doesn't reveal anything which makes the reader think more about what is written in the text. In the story the signalman asks a lot of questions for example " who is saying this" this creates mystery straight away as the reader can not understand it unless they read on. When the signalman shouts to the man, the man looks round to face the tunnel "looked down the line" most normal people would have looked up if they heard something again Dickens is creating the unexplainable which builds up the tension and suspense. The fact that he looked down the tunnel also creates suspension this makes the reader ask the question why did he look there, is there something down there? The tunnel is described as "barbarous, depressing and forbidding" the smell and surroundings make him more reluctant to decend "Air of reluctance" . ...read more.


The story only takes place with in the cutting, I think this is so non of the well earned tension is lost and the tension is well sustained with out, also the signalman and narrator only ever meet at night "I will come at eleven" this keeps the tension due to darkness, Dickens knows what he is doing because if they met on a sunny day then it wouldn't be effective and tension would be lost. Also the darkness means that he cant be sure what is out there and could be the reason for his sightings. The Red Room Metaphors are used regularly "My candle was a little tongue of light in its vastness that failed to pierce the opposite end of the room and left an ocean of mystery and suggestion beyond its island of light" "the flames were still dancing between the glowing coals, and splashing red reflection, upon the furniture". The young man finds the old people who look after the castle frightening and depressing we know this because he refers to them as "grotesque custodians" the word grotesque suggests something disgusting possibly he could be referring to them in this way because he feels awkward with them. Once he had left the room he describes his feelings with in the company of the old people, he calls them old and that there surroundings are "ghostly" he then wipes all thoughts of ghosts from his mind. ...read more.


Once inside The Red Room he carries out many acts to make him feel secure and just to reassure himself. Once he has locked himself in he describes the room in great detail this makes the reader feel involved in the young mans "systematic examination", once the examination was complete he says himself to be "in a state of considerable nervous tension" He then barricades the door as a back up for the lock and lights all of the available candles to flood the room with light. He settles down and reprears poem out loud to take his mind off the task this doesn't work so he looks for other ways to occupy himself. The ending of the story is a slight twist. The reader expects a more conventional ghost but what is found in the room is fear itself, however it is suspected at the very start that there is going to be something in the room, just from the first sentence there is immediate case for concern I think the story is written well, there is a good building of suspense as the man goes into the room and plus the reader is kept interested as we want to know what is in The Red Room. It has a lot of cliches but at the time this was written it was a new scary idea, with the story being so old it is bound to have cliches. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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