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The Signalman

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Answer the following question and up-load your answer. How does the writer of 'The Signalman' create a feeling of impending doom throughout the story? Think about: * Language * Structure Answer:- The writer has used many techniques to create a feeling of impending doom throughout the story mainly through repetition, metaphors, similes as well as short sentences. The writer says that the narrator finds there is something wrong with the signalman; "something remarkable in his manner of doing so". As when the narrator called on him, instead of looking directly at the narrator he looks at the tunnel to which the narrator finds something wrong with the signalman. This gives the reader a clue that this is a horror story as the first paragraph itself describes that there is something wrong with the main character; the signalman (due to the title "The Signalman"). ...read more.


The narrator sees the tunnel as a place of unnatural world where only the dead could survive here; "as I had left the natural world" makes the narrator think as if he has left the natural world making the reader think that the place smelt so bad that the narrator himself doubted his own existence. Giving the readers a chill running through their back of their spines due to his. The writer tells the reader that when the narrator came down to meet the signalman at the mouth of the tunnel; the signalman is viewed by the narrator as a "spirit, not a man" due to his fixed eyes and his saturnine face on the mouth of the tunnel. This gives the readers an idea on the conclusion of the story that the signalman could have been a spirit or that the story involves spirits or more commonly known as a ghost. ...read more.


The signalman hears the bell ringing even when it is not ringing such as when the narrator and signalman were having a talk he keeps on hearing the bell even if the narrator didn't hear the bell at all. This gives the readers a sense that there is a phantom in the tunnel that on his will rings the bell which the signalman only hears. The narrator on hearing the signalman's incidents starts to become instable but doesn't show his instability to the signalman as he has shown himself to be "intelligent, vigilant, painstaking, and exact" which shows that the readers that the incidents are so terrifying that the narrator who has shown himself to have the above qualities falling victim to the tales of superstitions. ...read more.

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