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The Signalman

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The Signalman (Final) In my essay I am going to write about what I have learnt about the signalman and the narrator from the story. The signalman did not do well academically so that is how he ended up with his job. We know this from a quote "he had also worked at fractions and decimals, and tried a little algebra; but he were, and had been as a boy, a poor hand at figures". Even though he was not good at those things he could be very good manually and work hard. We have also found out that his job was very lonesome because in the story it mentions that the only time he saw people was when he changed shifts or when the train drivers drove their trains through the tunnel. He also spent a lot of time sitting in a box watching out for trains so he could change the signs to let all the train drivers know. In the story also there is a quote to back up the signalman's loneliness. ...read more.


The narrator is quite a very judgemental character because in the beginning of the story he only says "Halloa! Below there" from the cutting of the valley and then waits for a respond but the signalman does not respond. Even when the narrator does not know who the signalman is he is quick to think that he is a ghost "There was something in the man that daunted me". This shows that even though the narrator does not know them he will be quick to judge. We know that the narrator also does not like being in the cutting above the valley and he is scared. He also knows a lot about the calamity's of the rail road like he new about the woman who died and he kind of knew about what was going to happen this was through the signalman this is why he thinks the signalman is a ghost. In the story the narrator got talking to the signalman and the signalman was talking about how he saw figures walking on the tracks. ...read more.


In the end of the story the narrator finds out that the signalman had died because he had been ran over by a train trying to find the figures. The narrator is then scared because the signalman had died as he explained it the night before. "I never saw the face. The left arm is across the face, and the right arm is waved,-violently waved". Later on in the story we find out that the signalman died that way. I think the characters are very confusing because they both think that each other are ghosts and also I have concluded that they were both good at seeing into the future because in the story they were seeing calamities before they even happened and also Dickens's characters got the readers confused. To back up my theory about the characters think that each other are ghosts is when they both say "halloa below there". This part makes me think each other are ghosts because they have both said the exact words of each other. They say also repeat what the same actions as each other e.g. the waving frantically of the hands. ?? ?? ?? ?? Heather Owen ...read more.

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