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The Signalman by Charles Dickens- A diary entry by the signalman

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Boon Koh 3/FEB/2002 English The Signalman by Charles Dickens - A diary entry by the signalman Day 16 It was 2 past midnight on that dreary Thursday. There was a cool breeze entering from the mouth of the tunnel, which makes my work all the easier since it is almost always damp down here. I was going about with my honest work, when, I hear this voice that seemed to come from the direction of the red light. I looked down the track, and lo and behold, there was a man standing there, waving at me, as in warning. He was shouting "Look Out! Look Out!" I ran towards the man, and was just a hair's breadth away, when he disappeared. When I telegraphed both ways, the reply was the same: No danger. I thought it was just my imagination, but it was so real. ...read more.


A few hours later, a train was passing by, when I heard screams from one of the cabins. I signaled the driver to stop, and step on the brakes he did, but it was too late. The train stopped 150 yards down. When I reached the train, I discovered that a beautiful young lady had died at the moment. This second incident has really set my mind thinking. There could be no logical explanation to the two chilling events. I have come to the conclusion that whenever the specter appears, a death on the line will be near. Day 259 The specter has been appearing for a week now, and I have been troubled by its appearance. It has appeared at the same spot as it has before, but this time it has regained its voice and shouts "For God's sake, clear the way!" ...read more.


He immediately pounced upon what I said, and he promised to pay me a visit tomorrow to talk about it. All throughout the meeting, I heard the specter down at the danger light, and he must have noticed my fear and how I went to the door to look down the track several times. I am getting very worried, and I wonder if I should tell the truth to the man from the Company tomorrow. Day 262 The man came as he said he would, and I told him all about my fears and the coincidences. Obviously, he, a man of very sound logic, did not believe my story. He came with his logic and left without believing my interpretation of the coincidences. Oh... how I wish the specter would tell me what is going to happen. Will it be a train crash? Another passenger dying suddenly? I am jittery at the moment, and I will end with this sad note for the night. Mayhap nothing is going to happen, and the specter will go away tomorrow. ...read more.

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