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The Signalman - Horror story's really started in the 19th century.

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Horror story's really started in the 19th century. Science was being properly introduced and a lot of people couldn't get their heads around some of it and it really was weird. A lot of people described it as "Evil". Also stories and events like "Jack the Ripper" were happening and a lot of people were getting scared. There was a lot of mystery around the time with all the smoke from factories and there was a very funny atmosphere around at the time. There were a lot of factories around at the time because of the "industrial Revolution". All this mounted up at the time and people got easily scared. In films, by getting people scared, the films got high ratings (you would of thought that why would people want to go to the movies to get scared), but they all had a "twist" at the end. People will think this is good because they will think that the story is "well done". This is why people would enjoy the book. The signalman is atypical ghost story, in the way that it also has twists. But it is different. This may be why it is affective. The setting for the story is a lonely signal box down in a railway cutting. ...read more.


This may bring you to the conclusion that he could go slightly insane with no interaction with people, it also sounds like he has no wife so he might be even more lonely and you don't know what he is going to do. "He stopped talking and turned around to listen" this quote from the book gives you the impression he is a bit mad as he is hearing something that no one else is. "The Gentleman" is a kind of narrator in the book and gives the view of the reader and asks the questions for the reader trying to find out who this man is. When a story is told, whether it's one at the end of the scale of weirdness or not he still doesn't believe fully until he gets evidence. Overall the characters give a good story and both have good contrast with each other. "The Gentleman" as I have said, is a skeptical narrator. In the way that he talks and acts, he narrates the story and as a character argues and is "skeptical" about anything strange and out of the ordinary arises. The story is set in the nineteenth century, a time when supernatural powers were still believable so someone reading this at the time would feel more of the pressure. ...read more.


Maybe too dismissive and this could get him into trouble, but he doesn't seem like he is a victim. The signalman has this role. In the end it is the gentleman's fault that the signalman dies because if he hadn't called down to him in the first place, the signalman would have looked up as the train came down the tunnel. "Below there, look out". The first words of the story are the most decisive words of the story. Could it have been fate? And no matter what had happened between the start of the story and his death, it couldn't have been prevented. "The words which I myself - not he - had attached". He obviously feels responsible for his death and you feel that if he hadn't associated himself with the man any of this would have happened. This is quite a mysterious and even scary thought. It is evident that Dickens creates a lot of suspense throughout the story with the opening words and as he descends the cutting, looking at the signalman whose actions are very weird. Suspense is also created as the signalman tells the gentleman of the weird happenings recently. The settings are very mysterious and even prone to something like this happening. Dickens ability to bring mystery, unexplainable and first person narrative add up to make suspense in the story. TIM WAKE 10RH ...read more.

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