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The significance of Fanny Robin in the novel Far From the Madding Crowd.

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The significance of Fanny Robin in the novel Far From the Madding Crowd Thomas Hardy based this story in Wessex. It was the first story he actually talked about that was based on the Wessex. Fanny Robin is the character that takes effect on the main character. Fanny Robin has a small role but it is a very significant role in the novel. Hardy was also concerned with the plight of women in them days. I have concentrated on the name Fanny Robin. The second part of then name resembles small, timid, vulnerable, na�ve, all this resembles Christ's suffering and this is shown from when Fanny Robin goes to the church and gets the churches mixed up, also the fact of ...read more.


They only meet one in the whole novel and that is on the Yalbury Hill and Bathsheba only discovers the identity when of Fanny she opens her coffin. Fanny Robin also is used as a character to bring in irony with her letter letting her to rejoice in a marriage and this is na�ve and premature. Also she is used for dramatic irony in the act of her going to the wrong church and the reader knowing she is at the wrong church. Once again Hardy evokes pity in the case of hardy describing her last journey with the picture of her 'little arms' resting on her only hope, a dog, this is to go with the contrast to the melodramatic death of troy. ...read more.


This is as shown by Troy saying: 'What girl are you'. The reason why Thomas Hardy has put this in is because Thomas Hardy is a social historian and wrote for people to learn and is teaching the public the way men treat the working class girls and just use there power to have sex with, the men with money would then go of and marry a virgin. Thomas Hardy wanted to change this. Another point that Fanny brings out in Troy is what other people think about him for example Gabriel Oak and Mr Boldwood, this happens when Fanny gives the letter to Mr Boldwood to give to Gabriel and this brings in the quotation of: ...read more.

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