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The silence in the dark and dingy room

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Creative Writing Coursework The silence in the dark and dingy room was so loud it was almost waiting to be shattered. The dampness was filling the room. Every breath taken of the air tasted stale and dead. Cobwebs filled every corner in the room. The dust was a carpet for the floor. The room eagerly waited to see the next victim and it wouldn't have to wait for long. Its blood lust was here stinking and putrid like a rotting jailer. ...read more.


Deep and powerful footsteps echoed on the four walls, belongs to a tall man with a figure like a bull. With every footstep taken his feet were indented in the dust, as if he was walked on snow. The man was dragging an old feeble bloke across the floor with his beard running along side him. Two other men crab walk in carrying a wooden headrest, and a sword. A sword that has taken more lives than disease itself. ...read more.


Blood surrounding him from the previous criminals. The droplets were starting to set, each footstep taken vibrated them. Death now staring his next child in the eyes coldly. The sword is drawn back behind the masked man's head. It swoops down fiercely. Almost in slow motion the sword breaks the surface of the skin. Then cracks the spine. The head fell and hit the ground with a hard thud, piercing my eardrums. Blood spurted from his headless body, staining the dust. The blood now trickling. Now stopped, and the room silent once more. Death is pleased and disappears into the moist, misty air. Until the next time. ...read more.

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