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The similarities and the differences between the two detective stories The Speckled Band written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Forever After written by Jim Thomson.

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Henry Brunskill, Page 1, 02/10/01 Year 11 wider reading assignment English coursework For my English coursework I am going to explain the similarities and the differences between the two detective stories The Speckled Band written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Forever After written by Jim Thomson. The Speckled Band was written in 1892, the detective in this story was none other than the famous Sherlock Holmes. The story was set in the 1890's so the people reading it at the time could relate to the story. Jim Thomson wrote Forever After but in this story there was no famous character, Jim Thomson had to create all of the characters from new. This means he had more flexibility to write the story. Conan Doyle was English and Jim Thomson was American. Obviously this would change the style of writing. Also The Speckled Band was written in 1892 and Forever After was written in 1960 so there was a large difference in the time it was written. This also means that the style of writing is different. The difference in age will also mean that when people read the story now, it will greatly affect how they can relate to it. ...read more.


Henry Brunskill, Page 2, 02/10/01 The opening in Forever After is extremely different. It got me interested by the quote they embraced passionately, her body pressed against the meat cleaver concealed in his shirt and shivered in delicious anticipation. This to me immediately gives me an interest to read on. The words passionately and meat cleaver really grab the reader's attention. The sentence follows with Very soon this will be over, that stupid ox of a husband would be dead. This is a very intense and powerful quotation. This makes the reader extremely curious, the speckled band also made the reader curious. The Speckled Band is set in Stoke Moran, which is on the Western border of Surrey in Helen Stoner's Estate. The description of the house also adds to the atmosphere The house was of grey, lichen blotched stone with a high central portion and two curving wings like claws of a crab, thrown out on each side. This reminded me of the Stereotypical haunted house that occur in most other murder mysteries. This house in particular is extremely spooky which adds to the effect, the sharp claws represent danger. ...read more.


Sherlock Holmes is the main character and he is inn all of the scenes in the play where as Lieutenant Powers only is in a few scenes at the end. The whole of "the speckled band" is Holmes prying around finding out clues and information where as Powers only arrives at the end of the story and solves the case by tricking Ardis with brute force and underhanded means, whereas Holmes uses his wits Holmes is an old fashioned detective but he is probably the most famous detective of all times. He has acquired this reputation by solving many exceptionally difficult cases, where as Lieutenant Powers seems to be a regular detective who has been trained in many techniques to solve the case. In my opinion the two stories both have many similarities and many differences. This is because that they are two completely different styles of writing detective Stories. The Speckled Band is the traditional style and Forever After is the American Hard boiled style. This is where nearly all the differences become noticed. Also the fact Forever After was written 70 years after The Speckled Band also creates lots of differences. They are also written in different tenses. The Speckled Band is being told as a story whereas Forever After is happening as it is told. ...read more.

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