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The Situation of Women in Pride and Prejudice

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´╗┐Shokar Avneet Shokar T00022109 K. Kanne Engl 1001 Assignment 4 September 27th, 2011 Research Essay on ?Pride and Prejudice? The novel ?Pride and Prejudice? by Jane Austen was set at the turn of the nineteen century, where women had little choice. Generally when reading this novel it may seem as if Austen is reinforcing or eroding sexist stereotypes of women. Rather than approving the stereotypes, she makes the reader aware of them through characters such as Mrs. Bennett whom portrays the typical way one thought of marriage during the turn of the nineteen century when women were looked as an object to marry of to a man rather than a human whose feelings mattered. ...read more.


Bennett to make the reader aware of the stereotypical thinking of a mother during this time. When Mrs. Bennett hears of Mr. Darcy she is interested because he is ?a single man of large fortune; four or five thousand a year.? (3) She is not concerned about how her daughters may get along with this gentleman, or even if he has moral. The fact that he has impressive social status is enough for her allow him to marry on of her daughters. It is almost as if her daughter is an object and she wants to find a buyer and get rid of her as soon as possible. ...read more.


Collins.? (238) When Elizabeth does this Mr. Collins is very surprised, he almost does not accept no for an answer. He assumes that since he has chosen Elizabeth to be his bride that she must simply agree. Austen uses Elizabeth to show how marriage is just and obsession, marrying someone of good fortune does not necessarily mean you will end up happy. She goes against the stereotype that her mother portrays in the story and shows that women should have a say in who they marry. She doesn?t do what is expected of her , she makes up her own mind and does what she believes is right. Although it is very? common for a women to marry a husband to save her from spinsterhood or to gain financial security,? Elizabeth realizes that her happiness is more important than financial stability. ...read more.

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