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The sixth sense - review.

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English coursework The sixth sense I think that the sixth sense falls into a mystery-thriller. Mystery because at the start you wonder what's wrong with Cole, but half way though we find out his problem that he can see dead people, and then we wonder how he can be helped and will Malcolm be able to help him. Near the end there is an unexpected twist, and you find out Malcolm has been dead all along. The audience needs to believe that Malcolm has been dead all the time; otherwise we would know Cole could see dead people all along and most of the scenes would be pointless. Some bits of the film are scary and can make u jump, that's why it falls into a thriller. The film is meant to trick the audience all the way through with loads of twists and turns. The film could make people think maybe just for one second, are their dead people walking around that we cant see? And is there any one who could see dead people? At the beginning of the first scene it looks as if Cole's mum and Malcolm have been having a conversation, because they are facing each other and appear to be looking at each other, we also think they have been having a conversation by the way they have been sitting, it ...read more.


talk about Cole's life at school, when his dad left and about Cole's mum going to see someone like Malcolm but he didn't help her, and that's why Cole thinks Malcolm cant help him. Its important we think Cole and Malcolm have a normal Doctor client relationship so that we think Malcolm is a normal Doctor. We now know that Cole can see dead people because when he's in the hospital with Malcolm he says, " I can see dead people". When Cole sees ghosts it is usually dark and it gets cold, it gets cold when the ghosts are angry, we no this because after the school play Cole says to Malcolm " when they get mad it gets cold ". When Cole talks to Malcolm it doesn't get cold and u cant see his breath, this shows that Malcolm is not angry and does not no he's dead, also if it got cold and we could see Cole's breath when he's around Malcolm we would no Malcolm was dead half way threw, and we are not meant to find out until the end. At the begging of the restaurant scene we see Anna sitting down with her back to the camera, and Malcolm walking towards her threw the restaurant, then there is a close up on Malcolm standing right at the table looking directly at Anna, ...read more.


But the film leads us to believe that they don't talk much, because Anna is angry with Malcolm because Malcolm was late and Malcolm don't really no what to say, because he is an a difficult position. Anna doest really talk she just looks down at the ground making it look like she is angry. When Malcolm does talk he just starts talking about Cole and nothing else. The camera makes it look as if they are looking at each other, but they're not because Anna can't see Malcolm. Anna sighs after Malcolm is finished talking, this makes up think that Anna is fed up and has had enough. The two scenes help our belief of Malcolm being alive because, it looks as if Malcolm is interacting with other people and other things, leaving the audience with no reason to doubt Malcolm being alive. It is important that we believe Malcolm is alive other wise, if we knew he was dead from the start most of the scenes would be pointless and would be boring for the audience. At the end of the film we realise Malcolm is dead when we see him talking to Anna, and all the deceptions Cole gave of dead people we see with Malcolm. We see flash back's of the two scenes and we realise that Malcolm never talked to anyone and that he didn't interact with anything, and the only person who could see and hear him is Cole. ...read more.

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