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'The small bundle of shivers growing afraid of it all and beginning to cry was Pip' this is just one way that Dickens uses to

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How Does Charles Dickens Create Sympathy For His Characters In Great Expectations? Dickens uses many ways to create sympathy for his characters in great expectations this is very useful in a successful novel as it will help to sell and not only that more people will want to buy it. Charles Dickens uses many ways to achieve sympathy for his characters such as the use of vivid descriptions with powerful adjectives, the setting is also used very well to great effect as it is a great way to create sympathy "The small bundle of shivers growing afraid of it all and beginning to cry was Pip" this is just one way that Dickens uses to create sympathy for his characters in Great Expectations. Dickens also uses many other ways to create sympathy for his characters such as the use of adjectives. The adjective 'overgrown' shows an unloved place of which no one cares how it looks, also it could be full of weeds and plants this adds to the impression created by the mind. Dickens also uses the setting to enhance the feeling of sympathy 'bleak place overgrown with nettles was the church yard' in this the adjective 'bleak' gives on impression of an exposed barren also cold and damp place. ...read more.


devil or ill cut your throat" in this the reader feels worried for Pip and wonders what mage witch will do When Pip meets Estella pip instantly starts to like Estella but Estella pushes pip away. In addition, when pip meets Miss Havisham he does not know what Miss Havisham wants him for also this is when we start to under stand miss Havisham and what she is like which will lead on to a paragraph later on. Magwitch is a cold hearted criminal "...With a great iron on his leg" this in Victorian times shows he shows he has been to prison and he is has a escaped is mounting up to us feeling no sympathy but when we realise he has been through a rough time and has no friends also we realise Magwitch has no clothes and he was in "..All in coarse grey" this also shows he is a prisoner and he has still got the uniform of a prisoner also Magwitch is so desperate that he need some "files" and "whittles". Magwitch heeds to get the great iron of his leg but to do that he needs help from a child. Magwitch requires pip to bring him food to survive and some tools to get the iron of his leg. ...read more.


On the other hand also feel sorry for Miss Havisham because she has lost the will to live because she had been left before she even finish getting ready for the wedding. The fact that she has left the room like it was on the wedding must mean her world had stopped consequently she is no longer living but just existing. However, I do not feel sorry for Magwitch, as I believe it was his own fault he was put in prison and the fact he threatened pip by holding him upside down unforgivable so no matter what he had been through I do not feel sorry for him. On the whole the techniques portrayed in great expectations is a great example of the techniques used by Charles dickens as it shows his flair for writing and bring depth to his characters by building up a background story for his characters. Also using real life experiences means the reader can connect with them on a personal level meaning you can feel most sorry for them, also the use of sympathy keeps you in contact with the story as it keeps you interested in the plot. Overall, I believe Charles dickens sympathetic devices work very well in this novel and makes the novel what it is adding different dimensions and feelings through out the novel. ?? ?? ?? ?? great expectationds Page 1 09/05/2007 Adam Hearson Final draft ...read more.

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