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The smell of Bangladesh bought back a lot of forgotten memories. Finally, the sound of the car halt and the engine turn off woke me up from my light sleep.

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Bangladesh (Travelogue) The path to our village home was very rutted due to the uneven ground. As we drove towards the countryside the bumps that occurred from the weary road shook the entire car. Every bump felt like travelling on a camel as they would change their leg length while walking. It was very disturbing. The heat rose a degree every hour and I felt thirsty enough to drink at least four bottles of Evian mineral water. The water had become quite warm from the heat. Every gulp I swallowed tasted unpleasant as I felt the tepid water rapidly push past my throat. It felt like swallowing a cooled down molten rock. The amount of carbon dioxide that formed in the car compelled me to open the car window, it was a mistake. I had expected a bit of fresh air, but instead the humid air rushed onto my face and also ruined my finely combed and straightened hair, I felt very irritated. ...read more.


The village is a small area full of life-sized cottages standing in rows and opposite each one, with a large porch in the middle to enjoy the evening breeze and sunset. The daily sunset is an amazing sight. It turns the sky absolutely colourful leaving no blue parts of daylight. The sky usually becomes red and pink in different shades; it looks like an enormous vanilla flavoured ice-cream with strawberry flavoured sauce on top. I spent most of the evenings out on the porch with my village mates to enjoy the sunset and the summer breeze which rocked every coconut tree back and forth that was in sight. The breeze hit my body like a layer of thin ice, I shrilled. We played cards, chess and other board games I purchased from back in Wales. I stepped into the unfurnished cottage and almost felt the filthy floorboards creak like opening a stiff door. I thought I was going to fall right through the floor. This place really needed refurbishing, how anyone could live in such a dump. ...read more.


Lain out on the king-sized table was aloo paratha, chicken biryani, bindi baji and so much more delicious food. I grabbed a clean plate with all my might. "Where have you been", everyone asked. I ignored them all; I was too hungry to speak. The food was very filling, it tasted so different from the usual food eaten in Wales, but tastier. For dessert I had mango flavoured cheesecake, it was inspiring. The culture is so different compared to where I live. I got used to it quickly. Poverty is a serious matter in Bangladesh. Every corner of a street is full of homeless inhabitants. Beggars would often pass by as we watch them in despair. They need help. We even invited a few beggars into our cottage to offer them food and everyday goods like unwanted clothes, they wouldn't refuse. Every rich family is supposed to donate at least 10% of their earnings to the poor in Bangladesh. We donate 30% every month. ?? ?? ?? ?? Afroja Meah 10L English Coursework 1 Ms Miles ...read more.

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