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The Sniper

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The Sniper Russia Front 1944 September 16th Men were brutally being pushed on to the boats. The generals were beating them, because they wouldn't move. They were to scared to fight against the well armoured Germans. The raging voices of the Generals was under-heard due to the screaming of the frightened soldiers. As the boats set off the horrified soldiers looked back to see the former corpses of there fellow comrades murdered buy their own generals! The generals kept shooting in the air to try and stop the traitors from swimming away. But it didn't stop them. The desperate men jumped off the boats. As soon as this happened the generals were ordering there sergeants to kill the traitors. No one blamed them they were only going to die sooner or later from the German or Russian bullets. The roaring of the machine guns was nothing compared to the screaming of the drowning and screaming soldiers in the water. Seconds later they were forgotten, as the German spit-fire planes flew above, they released a deathful spray of bullets. The men in the boats crouched fearfully for there lives, as the bullets pierced the cloth like cover of the boat, the men could sense if they were going to die or not. The punching bullets sent the men that had been shot, screaming in fear to the ground in pain than they could ever imagine. The blood of the dieing soldiers squirted out in deep red fountains and puddles, dripping down from the bodies of the dead. ...read more.


But before he had chance to realize what had happened off went another bomb. 'Ticka, ticka, ticka, ticka, boom!' Again through the head the man collapsed. The scouting soldier realized what was going on and hit the deck. He started to unscrew his german grenade. Cavick, not knowing what to do quietly said 'Look out grenadier' Savil stood up and off went a bomb 'Ticka, ticka, ticka, ticka, boom' he fired the shot, cleanly through the head still standing up, he aimed at the general having the shower. Bang! Of went another bomb. Down went the general, leaving a trail of blood as he slid down against the wall. His fellow officer went to run. Savil took a steady aim and bang! The soldier stopped in an instant and dropped. Russian HQ September 18th 'You Lost 300 men for gods sake' 'I know but they....' 'Not only did you lose the men, but the bridge as well' 'I'm sorry sir the men were...' 'Wait to the boss hears about this!' The major leant forward and slamed a pistol on to the table and exits, into a long room filled with generals, amongst them is Cavick. 'Well what a fine mess were in! Eh!' The major walks up and down the room 'Well Leningrad is about to fall, what are we going to do about it? Hmmm.' Off goes a bang from the other room. He faces a general 'Well?' He stutters with fear 'm-m-m-make harsher p-p-p-penalties for the c-c-c-cowards' The major turns his head with disgrace. ...read more.


'You can you just have to believe in your self. You will succeed' Minutes after Sirens and speakers are shouting 'Evacuate the city comrades escape while you can!' Savil Goes towards his rifle and picks it up. Cavick shouts 'Where are you going?' Savil smiles and says 'To kill that dam German! 'I'm coming with you' The two men both set out towards the German camp. As they run from building to building two German scouts see them and run back to there camp to tell Shimedt. Shimedt picks up his rifle and takes cover in a pile of ruble and sets up his sniper rifle and waits. He sees Cavick and Savil running across. He takes aim. He fires. Bang! He missed and hit Cavick in the leg. Cavick and Savil dive for cover. They look around and find there in a collapsed house with a window facing towards the sniper. Shmiedt takes aim at the window. 'Are you ok?' 'Never mind me is that him?' 'Yes' 'I'm going to look at the window so you can get his location.' 'But he'll kill you! 'I know but we have to make sacrifices in war!' 'NOOOOO!' Cavick leans out the window revealing him-self to the window and gets shot in an instant. Savil sees the flash and fires and hits Shimedt in the arm. Shimedt drops his rifle in pain. Savil reloads and shoots him in the leg whilst he was running away. Savil ran after him and caught him up. Shimedt puts his hands up. 'I don't mind being beaten buy the best!' Cavick fires repeated shots, turning Shmiedts body into a mangled up corpse. ...read more.

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