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The Sniper

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The Sniper After seeing his brother's face on the slowly rotting corpse, he was shocked so much after seeing the face that he stood there for a few minutes deciding what to do he finally decided to get his brothers body off the road and away to his hideout. When he got there, his roommate greeted him, (if you could call it a room, as all it was, was a small cave-like room beneath and old abandoned cinema, with one old squeaky bed, a couple of sheets in the corner and a crate which was being used as a table) "Who's the stiff?" enquired the sniper's 'roomy'. "This 'stiff' is my brother," answered the sniper. "Wow, do you know who did it?" asked the roomy. "I did; I DID OK, I KILLED MY BROTHER!" the sniper burst out. "What; are you sure?" requested the roomy. "Yes I'm sure; I looked down my target, took sight and shot him" "What do you want to do?" ...read more.


I'm afraid to have to make the first letter between us in seven years one containing bad news but any way here it is, Roger is dead I killed him. I was on top of a roof opposite him and he shot at me, I pretended I was dead by dropping my hat off the side of the building and when he stood up, I just shot him. He stopped the sniper couldn't think of anything more to say at the moment and already tired from the day's work he bundled the letter back into his pocket and went over to the rotten bed, crawled in, pulled up the sheets and fell into a heavy sleep. By the time he had awoken the next day, it was already well into the morning. When he woke up, he found a cold bacon and cheese omelette on the crate. He ate it and then pulled the letter back out of his back pocket and began to write more on it. ...read more.


After posting the letter through one of his contacts he went on to the head quarters of the Jamafricans and was almost at once put on another duty as sniper that very evening. When the time came to go back out on the rooftops, he had downed so many gin and tonics that he couldn't even walk in a straight line never mind shoot straight. He got up to the rooftop staggered about for a bit and then suddenly a bullet whizzed past his head. "Oy watch it!" he drunkenly shouted," you almost hit me there!" In the next seconds, his head was blown apart with the impact of a bullet that was well aimed. On the next roof, the sniper's roommate was congratulating himself on a brilliant shot and with that; no knowing what awaited him, he went to inspect the corpse ?? ?? ?? ?? Matthew Busby ...read more.

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