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The Snow. It was a bright, cold morning in April 1981. Big Ben struck eight. John King held his coat tighter and wrapped his scarf higher trying to escape the glacial winter winds, at least, for the next twenty minutes.

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English GCSE Accelerated The Snow It was a bright, cold morning in April 1981. Big Ben struck eight. John King held his coat tighter and wrapped his scarf higher trying to escape the glacial winter winds, at least, for the next twenty minutes. This was a journey John had to take five days a week. He had got used to the bitter winters, yet this day seemed different, felt strange, something John had never felt before. What was it? Could it just be this day? It was unusually cold for April. Twenty minutes passed. The smell of coffee and freshly toasted muffins lingered in the air. Johns work could be seen in the light of the sun rising. He had his own newspaper business 'Kings News', and was on his way there when he heard something unusual, flapping of wings, geese calling to each other whilst in their 'V' structure, dogs on the street looking up barking, their owners trying to calm them. John was at the coffee stall talking to Dave, the man behind the stall, 'that's strange, it's April, its not migration is it?' ...read more.


'Erm, yes, yes. Will you be coming home at all during the day?' 'Well, when I've finished work I will be, I have a meeting today and a lot of work so I can't get away. Why? Kath is something wrong?' Kath answered sounding scared rather than worried. 'We were all fine yesterday, now we all have banging headaches, the children are off school, the sky is going strange colours...' 'Kath!' 'What are you talking about the sky for?' 'It looks bad John, like something bad is going to happen.' 'Listen...' 'And have you noticed birds are migrating? In April!' 'Yes, I have actually. And you're the second person this morning to say something bad is going to happen.' 'Really? Who else said it?' She sounded surprised. 'Dave from the coffee stall. He said something terrible was coming' John was still on the phone to Kath, when out of nowhere there was a crash of thunder, so loud John jumped and dropped the phone. Just as he picked it up there was a flash of lightening. 'Kath?' 'Kath?' Rose hurried into John's office. ...read more.


'Okay.' John stood still staring out the window looking out towards his home. He said quietly to himself, 'Be strong Kath for the kids. Love you all.' The silence was broke by people charging in and out with food and water putting it all down around the office. Fifteen minutes past and all the supplies had been collected, John was now studying the list of people and every few seconds glanced up at the supplies and then to all the people around him. After a few minutes he sighed. 'Looking at what we have here. We have enough supplies to last us two days. Unfortunately, this storm is meant to last three days at the least.' The news was still on and they had just announced that 20 inches of snow was to fall every hour. People were crying and hugging each other. Some were praying for help. Then it started. The power went off. Crashes of thunder, flashes of lightening and, snow began to fall. "Nature has no mercy at all. Nature says, 'I'm going to snow. If you have on a bikini and no snowshoes, that's tough. I am going to snow anyway.'" -- Maya Angelou 10y1 Coursework Amy Deri ...read more.

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