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The Snows of Kilimanjaro Analyse and evaluate the information and views expressed in the article and write your own response to the article.

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´╗┐The Snows of Kilimanjaro Analyse and evaluate the information and views expressed in the article and write your own response to the article. Reading this article, one might not be so sure which side of the debate the journalist is on. Half the time, he is criticising the people who are trying to spread awareness about global warming and saying that their view is over-exaggerated. The other half, he is agreeing with them by saying that yes, it will happen eventually and that is not something to be overlooked. It is very contradictive, the way he has written this article, and maybe some people might understand it differently than he intended. He has shown us examples of both cases where global warming is proven and not. He writes ?The snows of Kilimanjaro- which AREN?T melting? in the title of the article. This is carrying a very sceptical tone to it, and is obviously trying to draw attention with the capitalisation in it. ...read more.


In the first sentence he uses coupling to sound dramatic: ?The snows are shrinking and the glaciers melting.? This is his device to make what they are saying sound frightening. Another example is when he?s written ?Many unwelcome consequences? which is to get people slightly worried. Then in his next paragraph, he starts by comforting the readers, saying that it is not the case at all. I feel like this is him trying to make us look to him in admiration for calling them out, and that those of us who believe in it are rather weak. He backs this statement with ?evidence? about research that has happened on Kilimanjaro and how scientists claim the ice on it has been growing. That?s actually a good point. However, rather than expanding on it, he continues on to say that it must be sodisappointing for the environmentalists to hear that (which he calls green brigade again). ...read more.


Rather, he?s just attacked them headfirst. I doubt many readers of the newspaper he?s writing for would fall for his tricks in sounding knowledgeable and convincing. After all, he isn?t telling us anything from his own experience ? he?s just piling up bits of research that has been done. He doesn?t even mention where he?s got it from. For all anyone could know, maybe he even made these things up! However, that?s not the point. I don?t think this Michael Hanlon should actually follow these people?s every move and try to prove them wrong. Who is he!? A journalist. And I don?t think he has any right to say their work is bad. After all, they have carried out experiments and tests for this. Why would it all be ?fake? and ?over-exaggerated? when there is evidence to prove it? So to conclude, I think the views which are expressed in the article are very negative and rude, and as a result of this, I think it isn?t gaining him a good image, but rather going to the ?brigade? he is trying to warn us against. ...read more.

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