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The Soldier

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War Poetry Coursework From 1914 to1918, WW1 had taken place. Many people had to join the army to help their country. Many people fought for their country with pride, while others joined the army not knowing what they were putting themselves into. Many soldiers or ordinary people would write about the war. Some poems would say about the good effects of the war and others about the bad points. I am going to analyse two examples of this. "The Soldier" by Rupert Brooke says about how proud he is and how he will protect his country until the end. Another poem is Dulce et Decorum by Wilfred Owen which is about how he felt it was like in the war. Rupert Brooke (1887-1915) was a popular poet, his pre - war poems were highly regarded. Rupert Brooke was with the Royal naval division and did briefly see some action; he died in 1915 of blood poisoning. Wilfred Owen (1893 - 1918) was an actual war poet. He was a private tutor and an assistant for the country vicar. He joined the army in 1915 and he spent two stints at the front. He won the Military Cross, but died in 1918, a week before Armistice. He did write romantic poems but they were not recommended, once he had joined the army, he soon changed his poems. ...read more.


"If I should die, think only this of me:" he has cover up the horrors of death by what he is dying for, not why he is dying. "In hearts at peace, under an English heaven." (Already done this quote!) This is idolising England and how he feels England is his heaven and he has to protect it, he makes the reader imagine this is heaven this is the best place in the World. Rupert Brooke is very patriotic in this poem, from reading the poem if have seen he has written England or English 6 times. (Why do I feel he is?) Dulce et Decorum est Dulce et decorum est by Wilfred Owen is saying what his life was like in the war, how they had to fight so much for their life. The poem is narrative, which is a detailed poem that appears to tell a story about an event. It makes the reader imagine that you are actually at the event. An example of this in the poem is: "GAS! Gas! Quick, boys!" His words are directed to yourself, it makes you feel there is an emergency, you feel the panic of the soldiers. Using capital letters and exclamation marks helps to make the situation seem more urgent it makes use know he is shouting. ...read more.


Rupert Brooke is writing about of how proud you should be to be fighting for your country but Wilfred Owen is writing of all the pain the soldiers went through during the war. There are many differences in the poem. In "The Soldier" by Rupert Brooke he has written about one soldier and how he feels, but in "Dulce et Decorum", Wilfred Owen he has written about a soldiers experience in the war with others, and how he saw his fellow soldiers die in front of him. In Dulce et Decorum est he uses emotive language and many adjectives to describe the image but in The Soldier he uses senses to create the picture. "Incurable sores on innocent tongues." This is an example of emotive language in Dulce et Decorum est. I feel that Dulce et decorum is the most effective out of both poems because Wilfred Owen had experience fighting in the war, so he knows what happens, but Rupert Brooke was a widely regarded poet so he made his readers feel that there was no danger, and that the soldiers should be so proud to be fighting for their country. I also feel the Wilfred Owen created a better image in his poem by using many more techniques. Using more techniques helps you create a better picture so it helps the poem appear more effective to the reader. Year 10 War Poetry Coursework 1st draft Miss Morgan Nathan Whitehead ...read more.

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