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The Souq. In 1382, over 600 years ago it was where merchants gathered, relaxed and made deals, today the district is a major tourist attraction. Tourists, students, couples, and local visitors treasure the privilege of indulging in this exceptional exper

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The Souq Veins of colors, turquoise, jade and scarlet threads artistically woven and braided into staggering symmetrical patterns on the carpets. Contemporary voguish handbags were juxtaposed with traditional paintings that reflect the dense magnificent history of the Egyptian people. Eccentric spices and herbs empowered with lavish colors, flavors and aroma were exhibited in straw sacks in many of the Souqs shops; red paprika, sumac, saffron, cinnamon, cloves and so many more riches paraded the alleys like breathtaking proud angels in the pageant of magic and magnificence. Gorgeous gold bracelets, striking silver charms, picturesque pearl rings and pendants of outlandish fine-looking semi-precious stones from ruby and amber to turquoise and jasper posed on the kiosks anticipating their purchase. The most humble individual will metamorphose into a regal, majestic prince upon adorning these scenic jewels. Ali Baba and the thirty thieves secret has been exposed, and the cave's treasure that was once veiled, concealed and magically sealed is now open for the public to browse through in the Khan el-Khalili Souq. ...read more.


People travel across the world to a country that holds one of the wonders of the world, Egypt...they move through the disorganized, perilous roads of Cairo, engage in battle with the shameless taxi-driver who insists on overcharging, and upon arrival are faced with huge crowds and incredible masses of people but in the end it's all worth it, every minute. Entertainers of all ages crammed every path. Innocent credulous children brimmed with amusement as they were magnetized by skillful magicians performing tricks and adults observed an elderly man cuddling his "oud", stroking and caressing her strings to sing a melodious story. Small workshops and mini-factories are discovered within the shops by curious explorers; here people witness the creation of many products from delicacies such as endearing perfume bottles and the adornment of exquisite metal lanterns to the knitting of scarves and painting of portraits. The rub of Aladdin's lamp and the endowment of the djinni are unnecessary since the magic of Arabia already permeates the Souq and spreads its influence fulfilling willful wishes and lifetime dreams. ...read more.


Each purveyor has a distinct technique of attracting buyers, pushy annoying vendors call out the prices of their goods, other more civilized suppliers wait for buyers to approach them. Some persistent shop-owners publicize the contents of their stores like reporters rushing to broadcast the latest outcomes of their assignment and others sing and chant rhymes like a group of fans supporting their players though a championship. As the sun descends foreigners and locals rest in traditional coffee shops and enjoy sipping their Turkish coffee and puffing their 'sheesha' while admiring and cherishing the present moment and watching bargain hunters and profit cravers struggling to reach a solution. The Souq has a limited, confined space where there is a tight mass of buildings; too packed for roads to intersect them, however this extravaganza allows people to travel to a time and place never felt, never seen, a place that has no beginning, no end and no limits in amusement. The Souq embraces everything and anything that the eye can possibly feast on, from precious sparkling jewels and exotic fabrics to enchanting folkloric displays and authentic coffee shops. 1050 words. ...read more.

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