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The speckled band

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The adventure of the speckled band is a mysterious detective story written cleverly by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and featuring Sherlock Holmes and his sidekick Dr. Watson as the main characters. Dr.Roylott is the villain presented to Holmes by Helen Stoner about the mysterious and thrilling death of her sister Julia. The role of Julia and Helens step- father (Dr.Roylott) is the main suspect in the story. In this essay I am going to introduce you to the character of Dr. Roylott. We learn a lot about the characteristics of Dr. Roylott from what his stepdaughter divulges to Holmes when she visits him in Baker Street. She confronts to Holmes that Dr. Roylott borrowed some money from his relative and set off to India to take a medical degree. "Where by his professional and his force of character he established a large practice. In fit of anger caused by some robberies, which had been perpetrated in the house, he beat his native butler to death. Luckily he escaped capital sentence and suffered long term imprisonment". This gives evidence that Dr. Roylott is capable of committing murder and other criminal activities. When he was in India Dr. Roylott married Helen's mother. She had a large sum of money. "Not less that �1000 a year", which Dr. Roylott inherited when Helens mother died in a railway accident. When Dr. Roylott came back from India he didn't establish in a medical practise but went to live on what his wife had left him. ...read more.


Sherlock Holmes first meets the character of Dr Grimesby Roylott when he bursts into Holmes office uninvited. Without a greeting Dr Roylott shouts out, " Which of you is Holms"! Holms answered back calmly "I am sir". "I am Doctor Grimesby Roylott of Stoke Moran". Holmes continues to be calm. Dr Roylott is still shouting at Holmes staring at him with his blood shot eyes. "You are holms the meddler, holms the busybody, holms the Scotland jack in the office. When Dr Roylott was finished holms asked Dr Roylott to leave. But Dr Roylott wouldn't leave until he had had his say. He tells Holmes, " I am a dangerous man to fall foul for". "See there". He picked up a poker and bent it into a curve. This indicates that Roylott is trying to scare Holmes off so that he doesn't play around with Roylotts business and that he obviously had something to do with Julia's death otherwise he wouldn't tell holms to keep himself out off his grip. The reason holms kept calm was because he knew that he is as strong as Roylott. We find this evidence when he picks up the poker and bends it back straight. We learn a lot about Roylotts appearance. He is described as a typical villain, which are mostly discreditable. The clothes he was wearing were a black top hat, long frock coat, and high gaiters and in his hand he had a hunting crop as if he has just been hunting after her daughter. ...read more.


Holmes finds out that Dr. Roylott was responsible for Julia's death because he had made up a plan to get evidence and eyewitnesses for this case on Dr. Roylott. Holmes and Watson were hiding in Julia's room where Helen was sleeping. Suddenly Holmes hears a low whistle. He tells Watson to turn the light on. He suddenly hears a cry, "a dreadful shriek. Watson asked Holmes in terror, "What can it mean"? "It means it's all over", said Holmes. This gives us evidence that Holmes knew what had just happened and he wasn't surprised. They grabbed their pistols and entered Roylotts room. On a wooden chair sat Dr. Roylott in a dressing grown and his bare ankles protruding beneath, his feet thrust into red heelless Turkish slippers. On his lap was a long lash they had seen before". He had a yellow band with brown speckles, which seemed to be bound tightly on his head. Holmes had figured out what the speckled band was by how he says, " the band, the speckled band"! Dr. Roylott is a typical villain. We can work this out by the way he is described. "A large face, seared with a thousand wrinkles, burned yellow by with sun and marked with every evil passion." Usually the villains are discreditable. "His fleshless nose gave him somewhat the resemblance to an old bird of prey. This tells is that he was an ugly costumer. The first impression that he gives us that Roylott is the obvious villain is when he bursts into Holmes office uninvited and starts shouting at Holmes and warns him to stay out of his grip, because surely he was responsible for Julia's death. ...read more.

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